Todays Worst Music Pt2.mp3

Friday, June 3rd

This edition of Today's Worst Music includes a version of "Sorry" that's VERY different than Justin Bieber, as well as a ballad called "It Burns When I Pee"


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Back to today's worst music our segment on the songs. That are still horrible they would never make it on Z 104 until today till today. Kind of funny what you'll find when you type in things like your mom it's. For example it. Your mom is a man. Am Kansas here exile in his youth he has my gasoline turned her. That's the leaner. Also like your mom is in the next room it's. In now convinced. I. Well paying your voice is horrible and that's changed except Asia cash and his group was culled some cells has been hunting without it and it sets off on what down your mom's in the next room exact village on not only have to. Exactly if I get about. Well you know what can lead and her distress and sometimes in your mouth the next room and do things can lead to our next song which is by the Chevy Ford banned. It burns my. Game. And then the the. Got a few theories on the AM. Our and our final solved by the way that some of that song about who they're BC's be in jail why a lot of people asking who. Was the rappers and the Sesame Street gangsters that's their name. And they also bring us this classic song called sorry but it's not like Justin beavers version this is what's different version of sorry chicks take a listen to this room. The match. So yeah. Yeah. What sold me. Yeah yeah. Let me. Anticipating that's been no ball but nobody ever ends and that's the sad thing still like to plunge that's moved. Is that our winner today yeah I think definitely you are right and they can. Taking a crap about to wrap and not taking crap and here we go. You know the course is pretty good TO Patrick catchy hook back when it sounds like she. Bring home who. Does know who ms. brown it's. It was the and it. I'm very proud and I'm not. Purple robe from Atlanta mayor well. And while and I needed. They're right there that output the first song on our age related and I couldn't see if we give jacked me up like the way somebody texted and said the all time best song you ever played densities are museum and this makes you feel good that I read this text America. Because whoever taxes that year. It's a long time listener is we haven't played on the best. In a long time on the I'm the best this song right here. On the in this madness. Mom bail. Yeah this mom embeds. During the run ended. A not to miss. I'm not even this. Mom and and I'm done dais and I'm not miss so none. And stand in on a cut the end and that there. Was some limits that Latinos then name. Yeah yeah sadly though yeah dream about a ton and Ian some make a million dollars for a guy he did and I mean. And that on the that. As you know our debt and he deadline in 99 at the western media video as the best Mario makes assault yeah.