Todays Worst Music Vol 5

Friday, May 26th

This edition of "Today's Worst Music" contains hits like "Dolphin on Wheels", "I Do Coke", and our personal favorite, "Party Up Your Butt"

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Now every time you turn and he with a formal plea you hear some your favorite songs big hit songs that are in the top. You know fifty on the charts and Ali is up but for every one of those songs there are also songs that are not hits songs that would never get played on the radio the worst song. So ordinary yeah I guess on the on the wrong reasons only shoe retailer and I don't know wrongly shooting sometimes saw. Winning the mildly. And an easy to dailies I doing wrong. That's an example of silly we remember Lindsay Riverside it was a pretty good ones this week for today's edition of today's worst music. And I think you'll like these I think they'll make you laugh and you won't do is so serious after hearing so okay where we start let's start. With this dog it is called Dole's been on wheels on ground. Yes and this actually got some national exposure at this is on the Tonight Show couple weeks ago there's. Here's a sample of dolphins on wheels check it out. We also. That's what they'll let you wonder what dolphins listen to when they go to the club down in that budget that's probably what they'll incentives so. I've ever wonder why people are supposed to be did you cocaine this song answers that question for you and it's called I do Coke can. So in my. Surprised they made on the charts former my Radio Disney isn't playing that. I hear is well sometimes your son's relationship and you just know when this couple is in trouble this is not a good relationship. And I think when you listen to baby tell me why. You'll feel like that Taylor listened. He has been. Some relationship he does a really. Joseph could learn a few things America okay I here's a nice song called Satan gave me a taco. I'm pretty sure you can figure ours is going eight just common sense of Satan gives you taco don't eat it's. Save me. Okay let's talk. Use it. The chicken Warsaw. Various. The rise or. This isn't. Wanna go on how. It's worse from there like that Lynette balancing game in time. And that's my favorites and are they gonna tell you the title this next one. Because it's obvious with the titlist but I think old girls listening to Z 104 this morning. At some point in your life you would've loved this song that I told you. Yeah. Eighty yeah it's like you did here was swift. But what I heard it that's the one. And does not. She sounds just like Iggy and up she robs in the solid and sound even more like Iggy able to eighteen under a different name alrighty so it could be. And hearing gets over this one but Maria played minimum since it's headed unaudited managed and it. Hey because it's dance party. I'll be your butt. I would go to the advance party are not personally. For me I I figured it was a B but I would not come to that party yeah. I would not oh my god I'm like I'm at hey dad. That's yeah that a I'm sorry tale it's just doing it a million played yeah. Chico Bible more time again and that rubles going to be fired Jerry got. I hate against Mardy up your butt cheeks hurt yeah. Face on as they are your high. Oh my god quietly. And smelled up my god oh god yes it's terrible. We're coming next is he what did you preserve jobs we'll talk with the bachelorette season premiere last night we got to be on this before he's due as well of those being in an. Oh boy they Katy Perry. She talked let's just with last night and police she did not hold anything back yet. They don't get. Yeah.