Top 10 Interesting Things In Jennifer's Home.mp3

Friday, August 19th

After doing the entire show LIVE from a listener's home, Shaggy decided to tell everyone the top 10 most interesting things he found there.


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We gave you shaggy you assignment ten minutes ago I said ten minutes I want you fine. The ten most interesting things about Jennifer's house at home. Yeah and you came with a list yeah okay all right is it's it's it's amazingly interstate OK so it from ten down to one. These are the top ten most interesting thing said he found in Jennifer solve your ago. Night cinema tick in the line for the cable goes actually outside her house and connects to the person next door to. And I think legal and number and I made it number nine there's a guided by name of Hector example boy actually Sais and I your Hastert needs to be accurately and likely you'll wait a minute number eight. She has a box of alpha bits cereal and a cub board which they stopped making around 1985 I was. I was seven it. See this is that and I'm not do it. She has one of those rooms upstairs and a doors locked and she's like oh by the way you can go in there yet and I'm not lied to use the local people walk balls like yeah well. I'm in there on number six CNX. I don't know why but she's got a massive collection of still and restaurant Jolie pacts it back. Sodini jelly OK she does it I item of five. Armed she let it go to underwear drawer which was well awkward but there's an autographed picture of walled hammer Stanley at all. But not casualty those photographs were afraid out there were four and a upstairs bathroom on. Is that a to a neighbor yeah good thing is is our bats Hauser real soft. Oh god. Sorry it's our number three she has a DVR but the idea yards full as all of every showed it she's taped is the six to meet the our show all yeah. Edge answers that's quality tell number two you know Bob Ross as you know. Street yet she of the paving the Butler bag now campaigning. From Bob Rouse it's Bob Ross broke completely nude and he's wrestling a wild war. I'm like wow that's amazing photo I took the job not sure if he paid himself. That's a hard sell fortune to do so I watch your wrestling a borrower naked to do that I mean. Yeah to do campaigning while you're that's Tom yet he's completely new to I'm not sure who looks better the board here. Yeah off line about gives him a bit is that inaccurate it. OJ our vehicles and east of the black. It's a rumble of a. I put off night. Made by then it I'll never want I don't want you know. Wi-Fi that's what if I look at all. It. And I and its view it would above. It's a go well over the over the top ten record and she had arranged a blood on it at one of the summit that's not true. Which to me that and that the.