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And I think it's actually been an Indian generics perspective in this morning and here we really Driscoll from the Virginia sports hall of fame how great each day undergrad here I'm great thank you for coming and so let's get right tier how long has the hall of fame being in existence. But the hall of fame was founded in 1966. So it's it's been over half a century that the state of Virginia has had an official state sports hall of fame ominous actually written in the general assembly's coats who we are the official state hall of fame for the commonwealth of Virginia we conducted our first class in 1972. And we just inducted another class this past April featuring Frank Beamer Michael could dire Thomas Jones won't say yes we've been in existence for over half a century and we look to keep going for a few more half centuries I've never seen. Undergone a lot of changes in the last twelve months can you take escape the last tee there in the Hollis transitioned to Virginia Beach that's. Really it has been quite few changes that have gone on in the last year we we didn't close our museum in Portsmouth that building had been open since 2005. We had a physical presence in Portsmouth much longer than that. But times change and requirements change and we had to kind of in debates. Along with the changing times so we decided that. The museum platform was no longer feasible for us to operate and so we what's to potentially move. To Virginia Beach which we did we had to find a willing partner to help us do that and that was the city of Virginia Beach. So while we have new museum there are plenty of exhibits out for people to see what we have our walk the halls who were in town center Virginia Beach there are six exhibit's currently on display. The best part about all this now is it's free and open to the public so while we are no longer in the museum platform we do more events content programming. Around topical issues in sports topical figures in Virginia sports so yes we've gone more from a museum platform to a brand based content event programming platform. I have claim to have more exotic contest plans absolutely yeah like I said we have six exhibit's currently in six different locations in town senator. But there will be a second when the news writers' theatre opens up this. October I believe so every seven exhibits in town senator we actually had exhibits in four of Iraq senators in Virginia Beach. Pop princess and Bayside Great Neck and can still. We're we're talking with Virginia Beach national golf course about potentially do you don't exhibit there and and then yeah it's kind of a white candidate so we're really looking to expand our footprint. And kind of go to where people are hers and say hey come look at our staff room what are some of the programs that you have dining room when he cleaning tedium. So we have the new platform is really focused on engaging people to revamp how we did a fantasy football focus program last summer. How we've done to baseball programs one with them Michael could dire as the feature but there's Michael Dyer a former umpire Al Clark a former all star pitcher Gary LaBelle. And former catcher Tony Gaza and what they talked about was the one constant variable at a baseball game which is a pitch to pitch is the only thing that happens every single play. We did another baseball program featuring three. Local Virginia Beach players who all play in the majors right now rhymes are me Chris Taylor and Mark Reynolds. And they always you yet so we call that who's on first. He can't enjoy. I can't answer it. And we got our student athlete achievement awards about Sudan are induction weekend festivities. And we're looking to kind of you know find new and exciting programs could be sports and society society in sports are intersecting daily now with the you increase in social media and increase that people have access to these athletes and figures and sports and health same thing it's intersecting wave worn out and never passed. So we're looking to find ways to engage people in topics that we feel are adjusting to the sports fans in Virginia. As a nonprofit has behind generate rapid now that is a wonderful question. You know as a nonprofit we are always looking to fund raised whether that's through memberships in the hall of fame. War corporate partnerships. Membership previously we'll get you access to the museum he obviously that's not the case anymore. Our memberships now really are aimed at engaging people and giving them access to the events that we do. And potentially getting him involved with the hall of fame in our governance on the boards or committees move to really making sure that the members are the ones who have ownership of the hall fame as it moves forward. Corporate partnerships are everything I mean any business whether you're not proper for profit at. A corporate partnerships are really had been the backbone of what we do now what sort of about it I sat calmly and member shack. Will eat Virginia sports hall of fame that I mentioned you know now that we're doing more events. You do have access to residents. And we've been pretty successful in kind of adding on extra perks to each of those events and while we may have an event that might run from C six to eight on Wednesday night immediate pre member reception with the athletes figures coaches contributors that are participating in that. As I mentioned we're also looking to engage our members in different ways whether that's through. Our board's committees could be marketing committee could be member services committee who could be an education committee. I'm we really want our members to to put their fingerprints and their stamp on the hall of fame. Because we're small staff home and we don't have all the answers I'd like to think I have a lot of room when I don't have all of them. And so we really like to engage our members that waiting kind of get their feedback as to. What do what do they think will make Paul being successful and what they like to do it how would they like to see halting the ball and 13510 years. Well yeah lesson on how to handle business partner with aboriginal sports car and then numerous ways. For businesses to partner that we can look at event basis we can look at exhibits. You can look at the walk the halls who were. We can look at induction weekend our education foundation or something that we don't even know about yet. Now we kind of knew exactly we're always looking to create something new you know our digital footprint is growing by the day. Then the last year we've really. Made that a priority to grow digitally look that's that's where the world is going so there may be initiatives. That we haven't even spoken about yet but we're always looking to kind of grow and kind of do something new and find. What the touch points are for individual businesses. We feel that. You even though we are located here in Virginia we offer platforms that reach out to people well beyond the borders of Hampton road home. So it does provide exposure. It does provide. Engagement volunteer opportunities for businesses employees. I'm so there's a public equity involved in that as well just fall makes a Virginia sports column came unique. Well we don't have professional sports so how do you have a state hall of fame without professional sports. We really rely on people with true connections to the state of Virginia. Whether you were born in Virginia grew up in Virginia. Or you you went to school in Virginia. We don't have a team that we can rely on players who come and play for three or five years and they go back you know. Other states can latch onto that we don't. You know we're really look at the people who. Who had a true connection to Virginia I'm as I mentioned united grew up here you were born here or you made a significant contribution in college here. I know I'm guilty of it sometimes when I talk about the teams that I like and I say we or us but you know I didn't play for this team. But my college team that's a Wii that's not that's where emotional connection comes in the Placer if you went to you via. You're cavalier if you went to Virginia Tech you're hokey. Old Dominion you're monarch their success is your success and so we really try to tap into that with what we do you hear the whole thing. What I came education pounds each and do you need to claim. Now what does and did it play if they're caught the education foundation is amazing because. What it does is it takes step discipline says science technology engineering math. I'm an even beyond that character development and health. And it teaches it Q school aged children through the guys at sports so you look at you look at sports you look at a feel would you look at court. If science and math everywhere it is angles there's geometry there's formulas. I'm you have you might have a kid who's struggling with fractions but he can calculated shooting percentage of the drop of the hat. So where's the disconnect in and can we bridge that gap so we take. All sorts of programs. Into schools throughout the state of Virginia I think last year. I'm 191000 kids throughout the state participated in our programs. And that's run entirely buyer education coordinator lane occur extremists you have programming far. We haven't all the way through high school but our biggest focus is definitely elementary and middle school that seems to be where the most activity comes from. I'm but it really does go all the way from preschool aged kids from our summer camp programs all the way up through high school age kids stuff for education foundation programs. He offers schools a little assistance with costumed teens absolutely that is that is really a big part of what we do. We have our active learning grant program. And all the dollars that we raise. Outside of you know through any type of fundraising activity. For the education foundation goes to helping bring those programs to these schools because it helps with materials it helps offset the cost of the program. About 50% of what we do. Goes to low income areas or schools that offer you know. Free and reduced lunch at a high percentage. I'm really trying to make it easy for them to get engaged in what we do and bring our programs that. Our education foundation key part oracle and absolutely we try to partner with as many people as possible. We are once again a nonprofit so we're always looking for. People to kind of help out either. On a volunteer basis. If you have say a hundred kids and a program you know one senate hands isn't gonna help so it's definitely I think it. Actually I'm especially with kids you know 678 years old they they can be bananas. We we look for volunteers. We also for corporate partnerships on that side as well we actually. Have programs that have been driven by corporate. Partnerships last the last two years this topic automotive dealers association has partnered with us through generous contributions. To provide our jumpstart program to all fourth and fifth graders in Suffolk public schools let's say how we just received a very nice grant from can't cares foundation. And we're gonna take a specific program into all fourth graders in Norfolk public schools so you know we're always looking for people to partner with us because. One detector set to hand it to it allows us to do more. You know nothing is free these days unfortunately. But it but these these contributions really do help let's go at any potential business that is looking to do something like that. There's no prescribed method. You know you can come in you can save I would like to go in take programs to the east. To this group of children this group of kids this group of schools. And then you can pick a program we have more we can develop in your program you know we we like to do everything I'm gonna turn yeah. Well intentioned semi or programs are very little difference that each half. Well we have a lot but you know during the summer camp programs. Did there are quite a few we have. Our summer camp programs are offered to. Groups. Organizations that are focused on summer camp in sometimes the biggest challenge. There's groups space is contents for kids it's really tough to keep kids engaged. Especially when you're always trying to come up with something that's what else do the work or anything. Exactly we can we do everything out on site you know we. Because we don't have a museum facility to fall back on we don't bring everything you've said some of these programs go into. Hall of Famer and training for this summer camp Olympics and they're focused on physical activity creativity and sports to the kids are always moving. I'm if I had to pick one I don't think that could become I honestly think that they are all genuinely beneficial do you growth and development of kids. Whether you're having fun or whether it is an SO well based map academy program we we look to really get kids involved on the sports side there with the education foundation. Read it there isn't so well base to. So we have to keep it very educational and we we change it each summer depending on the new standards come out with them but what this summer camp it is. Much more. I guess fun you know kids look at it. School subjects sometimes and I go that's boring. The summer camp is really abound just didn't kids acted getting removing letting them think for themselves so we get them. You know things to do over here but they can now kind of creative we come up with solutions to problems you know you're sports the physical activity and through creativity that way. It's possible to book summer camp programs absolutely if you go to Q our website at www. DEA sports each so I you can see the summer camp brochure we still have openings in July and August. They develop fascinating week we started. Putting this Saddam Hussein spree in the spring and we immediately started getting people looking and but there are still some openings and please. If you're looking for anything may be programmed right from 45 minutes to an hour whom you can book one of the programs you can book multiple programs I think there. Seven. Specific summer camp programs. But then he also wanted to view our education foundation office programs as. Well in regards to year fourteen and you must see athlete achievement awards. Why are he and hill are eligible to apply or be nominee and it's. Wonderful so this is another education foundation. Driven program. What is really the Hulk came we've done this as as you mentioned fourteen years now. And this. It is unbelievable the kids that apply or get nominated for this in this estate lied to him. It's actually perfect timing because the application process just have been on June 29. So we will be accepting applications through October 19 but what we're looking for are juniors and seniors in high school. That exemplifies. Excellence in athletics. Academics and community service. We're looking for honestly the best of the best from throughout Virginia and last year's crop of kids. You know me as you get older you look at these high schoolers and you wonder to yourself what I don't mind. Hey did these cats they're brilliant you know they have. You know all of them had GPA is well above four which is something that I never even dreamed out you know they're they're out there communities there. They're working with. No they're local senators their local congressman and there. Church groups youth groups come and they sell in the field of play through. So honestly we're looking for those types of individuals and now a student can nominate can apply themselves. Or they can be nominated by somebody but the application process is online our website again BA sports HOF dot com. Student athletes are chasing terrorists he'd also wired and so we have sixteen finalists. Typically we take eight Boise girls from across state. I mean last year we even had a kid from Bristol Virginia which. If you didn't know you can drive eight hours in this state and still be in Virginia and as we've personally and so this really does go out to the entire state. But if we take sixteen finalists and once we receive all applications. Are student athlete achievement awards can selection committee. Horse through the applications and and narrows it down to the best of the best what happened after that one of the next. So the next step is we we'd go to this election process but then after that. We have sixteen finalists and then we hold and awards reception and awards ceremony. Typically the first Sunday in December this year to be done December 2 in the Virginia Beach. And we bring all the kids and we kind of let them tell their stories whom you know we get to learn more about that we get to honor them. And then there are four that will be named student athletes of the year and they will receive a scholarship. Towards good lord's furthering their education. It's like I said it's just a wonderful wonderful program. And you really get to see the impact that. You're 161718. Year olds are making in the dim that they're making in their communities. What would you say is your favorite paying malware keen for a conference in sports hockey mom a sports guy. I'm in my background was in that sports broadcasting. It's and former at some smaller TV stations in markets throughout the country. And it's fun to be on talk about sports. But it's also fun to see bad. You know the hall of fame is way beyond sports to home so I could work around sports but I also kind of get to innovate and you know trying to think and I think the thing I like most right now is as we've evolved over the last year. We have some flexibility and we have a blank canvas so there's really no bad idea and we are really trying to engage people. In different ways we had some digital initiatives. That we're going to be rolling out soon. I'm one of them is called hall of fame moment. I'm the idea behind hall he Melamine is not everybody's hall of Famer we deal with hall of famers every day. If you've been around sports you played sports. Everybody has that one moment that they remember. No could be from an eighth grade baseball game could be a hole in one. Could be it fish that you carpet keeps getting bigger every time you tell the story but really trying to engage people that way and basically you tell us your story. There's not a money ask it's basically just saying you tell us something that's special to you I'm so we're really trying to find new ways like that and and I do I do it. At the hall of fame allows us to do that home and that that's the way they were thinking moving forward. I get any other ways that you're trying to grow the Hollis playing any key it's outside my thoughts. Yeah so all they want is definitely one of them but we are also looking at. Potentially generating our own contents we kind of started that. Leading up to the induction ceremonies this past year home I'm one of our media inductees Jack forgot chick who was a writer for many many years in Roanoke. He he came just at the idea how about I do feature stories and all of our inductees. Specific to the hall of fame not written for newspapers this is our own contact them and they received some wonderful feedback you dominion energy was that was our partner on that. I'm date they were just great to see that we had something that we can get people that was unique talents but beyond that. We have so many stories can be told them. You hear the term hall of Famer and you automatically think somebody is order. That's not the case anymore Michael could die or just winning he's 3738. Years old Thomas Jones the same. So they're still doing a lot of things that impact. New different communities. Could still be in sports might be outside of sports when you look at one of our inductees Nancy Lieberman former do you women's basketball player. She's a female coach in a men's basketball league. That's a that's a story to tell him and we're trying to figure out ways to exactly did that story out there so people can hear because it's unique to us. When Virginia sports hall fame but I think it's something that people not just here in Hampton roads bit in outside markets we hear about as well. How are listeners get more information regarding what Virginia sports hall of fame ball or maybe they wanna help. Honestly it is the website is always a good resource let feel free to contact us directly. You can cut you can call a halt name at 75785055. I go to the website VA sports HOF dot com feel free to ask me. I'm if you or a group that. You are a part of whether it's. It work group or a community group and you want to learn more information I love talking people. I love talking to people love talking about the hall of fame. I'm available pain I'm always looking to get out there and spread the word that one of the things that we are always cognizant of is making sure as many people as. Possible are aware the whole thing. Went rallies like task at the end of my energies aren't in there it'll Al say you're about to leave it came to her today in regards to the Virginia sports hall of fame. That there is absolutely no need for a state hall of fame we have so many wonderful athletes coaches and contributors. That come not just from Hampton roads that all over the state of Virginia. And we've had 52 years to build up a great rollodexes inductees and the next 52 years or just is right when you look at. The the people that are making an impact in sports from our communities and Richmond Roanoke. Lexington. Near Charlottesville black prisoner Virginia Bristol. Does that maybe that is the entire state is represented him what we do and you know I look at I look at the numbers that we've seen from TV ratings for big sporting events particularly in this area. We will we well. Outpace the national average loans that they are a lot of sports fans here. And we just want to make sure that we engaged in something unique whom we don't have professional sports here but what can we do to get them involved. It to kind of feed their need in 90% of America's hobby is sport in some fashion. You might not be a big sports fan but if you play golf. You eat you like golf and if you were kids play sports you like sports. Yeah it's just a matter how you frame but ninety's we deal and 90% of America's hobby. An and I really think that in our next 52 years and hopefully beyond her just as good as last. Where anti semi trick coming into the game Erica talk about the Virginia sports column pain and and Australia you can get all this information and even though flanked at current.