Monday, August 21st

Ashley sits down with Amanda Leckie from VIPER INC


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Good mining and actually the fanatic he generics perspective and this spring I'm here and Mandela is a friend Michael prairie. How is he doing today and the death very well thank you for having us of course now what is your role with viper incorporated. So I miss secretary I met have an officer position with the rescue but I read the latest date to day operations into the friends make sure everything gets where needs to be in a nation of piper eat what we have to do is taking and that any injured or sick animals that need our care. Anti also promote education and with reptiles in the Internet community. Why do you think that's so important to have hearing him payments loved the animals that we work with are very much misunderstand it and we are a lot different than a cat or dog rescue pickets a lot of information analyze how. User animals that not everybody thinks up a lot of people don't think that they need new Foster and rescue for these types of mammals as well exactly exactly they don't think of little lizards or tortoises snakes needing help rescue but there is definitely enough needing rescue that we keep busy. And you guys do any comedian Vince he internet's definitely are all Evert they have church community all different kinds of events we do car Shannon Stewart. We are and here's where I usually your local pets or is doing some kind of adoption event some will do rats how events but we also love to go to the local schools and relate to better boy scout Girl Scouts and just an education and let them get their hands on with different kinds of animals. Now how someone had piper and participate and bear it the best way to get a hold of us is through our FaceBook page which is quite easy you just look up by for ink and we operate up. And I you can messenger page and you'll get either me or my assistant and we can deadly work out to send some members and about a dozen animals to come and talk we love doing now when you have comedian Nancy mentioned he'd bring a match like that Girl Scouts in the points that's. Let me through a typical events like say your Herrnstein and you heard. Going to visit the Girl Scouts sure Virginia. Shares so we usually set up time and place and we have a point of contact we do. Well usually give like a list of animals that are available to come and see if there's any interest in specific animals come to that event. Well we do come out will do I am just kind of like a lecture almost like a show in town but let the kids it close we let them. Asked questions and we let them get very hands on and see these different kinds of animals and it's enjoyable time for not only my members but the children involved. I remember understand what they do you know. Our members are from all enter the area they're just wrapped Tyler enthusiasts that his plan to get their hands dirty and really get into this part of animal care so they all have personal collections are all personally interested in reptiles and they were just really excited to. You know help the community in a different and where animals housed and fostered. So we do not how quick the facility that is whenever biggest questions that are asked every single day when we don't have a facility everything is volunteer base is so I have a collection in really dedicated Foster hands. And everybody just volunteers their time their space in their comes to you take these guys. And what happened to me it's sick and injured animals so I am this year has been a little bit different for us. Over 50% animals we've received this year have been sick or injured and needed immediate care home loan which is odd for us warm so is little bit different what happens is becoming that we kind of are more seasoned. Foster parents can tell it there's an issue. And we have and fantastic bat that we were flat and the music or phone calls and we show up we do all that I care needed. And what do any we've done surgeries in the past. We do medications everything wasting animals healthy and then a period of time where they're doing mouth and then they made it. Well after that what you're playing so we where where made way veterinary clinic came in Chesapeake mayor fantastic. Animals energy rescue them. So animals come into the rescue through all kinds of avenues neither we get a phone call. The we worked with a lot of the you know control SP CA groups have a lot of the local pets or is no less than something comes into their shop. So so many different avenues that my phone is ringing off the back from very many different people that these animals command from. Can someone adapt. Well when the best ways to adopt is to show up whenever adoption events and how we permit those is those are on our FaceBook page and they are kept up to date. Or we do put a list of our adopt animals again on our fees that they each. And at any time you can comment Max agents so you can hold the view we can talk more adopting a specific animal what are usual adoption fees and waited adoption fees now. Sir our adoption fees are nowhere near retell we're not looking too. Make a bunch of money off of it I adoption fees are usually anywhere from 25 to maybe 75 dollars depending on the species in the care that's going to be needed for them. All the adoption fees go right back to the rescue we're non profits up all the money that comes and goes rate axiom. And how you guys operate I mean chilling we rely a fully off the community we can nation drain and that is. Well we're always looking for is some new ways to carnage and nations the securities animals it's someone listening right now when he Timmy contamination howling eighty pack. Says that the what are the easiest ways that we set up for Downey is our FaceBook page one of these big fight Moussa says donate now and if you think that will send us to our PayPal which is set up as a nonprofit says there's news. Fees attached it then and and you can give money that way if not it's I am at some of our events we have a little toward its running around with a bucket and he long legs and the money SATA hard. Simply cannot feed Olof. Now not only do you guys need Denny chains to keep your rescued telling. What kind of donations are need and shares so used equipment is always huge. We love when people just have used equipment may be your moving you don't wanna take it with few things like aquariums hides polls light. I have to use contact us through the phone number are three email and you send somebody to go pick that up no problem. In and I genuinely seem right now reach Iraq present again sheriff said we have two options you can reach us through faced the bench. But we have a telephone number which is 757300352. Line. And you can text or call that number and you get a represented him within a couple of hours. And does take care of any issues. You remain seeing that you have adoption events do you have any coming not seen share on September 2 we're gonna be a local press are here Virginia Beach or Virginia Beach exotics okay from 11 AM to 4:30 PM and we'll have all our adopt animals there. Is split the only social media that he had. We have an inch to Graham but we're not quite as active on it the best way is they aren't getting any instruments and actually into working with this rescue. They kind of treats me personally yeah. And I showed up after adopting from that. And they met me a couple of times and relate. Signed the member application and then things as smooch really quickly and I kind of took an early officer positions and it's and fantastic. And it's heavy Ali had a lap or reptiles. Yes I grew up my grandparents and the pats are for sixteen years so I grew up with animals and plants reptiles were just playing the underdog. So what kind of reptiles deem that at home me personally I don't everything premise snakes tour to say is lizards get as there's a large fraud also in my house now I'm now a little bit everything on top of the fosters and I'll sit and now wait if someone were interested and posturing saying they wanna plaster a sneak. What steps do they have to taking because three U. To be able to Fox Channel with us kind of for getting bigger and bigger so arm while we've had to do is make some make new rules or regulations and what you do is you you approaches going to volunteer and and we go through some probation and some training and then you become a full fledged member after becoming number. You have more training they have to do with our Foster homes has been doing this for years and just to get that knowledge to understand how to do it we just want all of our Foster had to know they're getting entail and how the training and the expertise that from our have cost her house that's been doing this for ever so what's that accomplished and we can't start it really small. If it. Any stories that stick out in your head back and you remember her working link this nonprofit. I mean yeah from Klein battling back and had to pay its memory you have yeah. I don't think it's even I think as a collection of things it's it's this amazement that we have is that snakes are at this huge fear that a lot of the population boom. And we just deepest pride in a lot of our events that. These people will run away from our bid but if they actually open up their mind you give me about thirty or 45 minutes without. I'll boot him from them like screaming and running a way to having like a ten foot high honor America. Mission is opening the public's eyes like that's the best thing that's. Favorite thing for us to do and misses are honestly when we do big community event sweep I do district return today we all yes what is your favorite that town. Oh that's heartland. But me personally I have a fifteen year old late. Old senior Aaron green iguana that she's what's your name earnings I AV and she's media and she hates everybody but me and so I just like her attitude she's my favorite. A lot of people listening might wind there. Ian do you rat Paris and personalities. All pac ten doll still owed after nine. Death at a pretty. They'd they'd they have things are they likely have things that they don't like they hate have moods it's usually around how they're fed bad. Mostly it's like hey angry and happy yeah. If it's not complicated but it's deathly you can tell when these animals or killer there that they don't act well if they're happy and content usually they're. Really chill. Now again dealing mention it he could mention to our listeners and her best way to do intend to keep it. It's the best ways either through FaceBook page which is really really easy you just typing by for in doing pop rate. Big picture of the snake is our profile action. Oh are we have a cellphone that you can taxed or claw and the number is 757300352. Is there anything else you'd like to leave that he can read Simone. Just that we're here and that were available. A lot of the issues that we run into is people are shocked we don't know leads us. And that these animals need help and they need care and that is what we are here to. So I'm just letting the community know that we're here and these animals that people don't really think of that there is help and there's organize help for. Well thank you so much for coming into and then thank you so much for house and as I appreciate it.