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Friday, October 13th


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Good morning actually at the net and he and generics perspective and this morning and nearly Michelle and send the chief development officer. The difference in your payments slanted paying higher he doing this morning Michelle I'm doing great. Well first thank you so much for coming in this morning so let's get to talking about the food bank what is your service area. While I. Virginia peninsula they banks so we serve the cities of Newport News Hampton Williamsburg and the coast Sen McCain and in the counties of Gloucester and Matthews. James city new York and Surrey county. And what an end security. Insecurity is when people do not have enough food to lead. Healthy active lifestyle. You know we're all supposed to have three meals a day in his nice to be nutritionally balanced plan. Can't say that I always personally followed that but in order to have a healthy lifestyle that's. Now what we need to. And how many people would you say you sir if we serve based on our map the meal GAAP studied this is done every year by feeding America meeting America is sort of the corporate umbrella over all of these banks they're based out of Chicago Illinois. And they did this study every year. And when they found is that we how about 14% of our population. That is classified or defined as students secure. And that translates to. Almost 75000. Individuals across degree insulin net service area. It's very unique. Hampton roads all of Hampton roads has the highest in security area but anywhere in the states. The state average is actually eleven point 2%. So what that means is we happen more need here and all Hampton roads. The rest of the states and so that's why we're always agree entity these types of interviews that we get the word out. And let people know who we are well we're doing. Now a steady that they used to do. Every few years was called hunger in America. And unfortunately they've stopped that study but the last when they did was and 2014. And went that taught us was that although our food insecurity rate was one number. Actual number of people that we serve. Was over a 150 Allison wow I never thought that so it basically doubles mirror the factual you know map the meal gaps studied at. Hunger in America actually gave us an opportunity. We did the study in our service area we would allow two or partner agencies. And we would talk to the people who are actually receiving they had. So it was very hands on it was a very open discussion. We asked them how many people lived in their household. How old they will are. On the demographics for them and that's where we learned 150. Actually to be honest 152000. Individuals that. We were helping. So again I just let people know that there is tremendous need width and the greater peninsula community and all around him to its. Now 150000. People that and mean that's a lot of people. How does the food bank where she'd help while there's people. The really where it's funny a lot of people don't quite understand I'm not heaping operates. We do. Put out emergency if somebody can come with it thinking get assistance from past him but the core way that we work is who worked with partner agencies. They are mainly. Churches and other faith based organizations. They can be. On community centers. Civic groups whoever. Wants to feed a group of people and basically they're known as our partner agencies we worked with over a 107 via now. And they come to this evening and they get the food that's needed and they take it back out to the community can do we actually warehouse that it if it comes and this week. You know exactly what we have any given time and and we put it out shopping Fluor it's very similar to a grocery never they provide shopping carts. And our agencies come in and they go thrill. And they know when their needs are didn't eat the community and today coming and it prompts Lydia get politics and we have partnerships with all the retail stores in the area. I cannot say enough good things about our local wal marts are local armed precious our local food lion Aslan. Kroger Harris teeter we also have great partnerships with Smithfield news. Air force base down Smithfield Virginia and they are. Just huge partners of ours and help as both financially and they helpless with it donations. And all of these stores and companies that I mentioned they're not just helping him direct area. They're helping the entire country. I'm through defeating American network they have developed a national partnerships. And then we work on the local level to strengthen those partnerships on the local level to get as donations. Each CD you think you would distribute any year. Well last year we ran a fiscal year basis and who are here and on June 30 and we actually distributed. Almost twelve million pounds of it now. Yeah the black eye on how that translates in the meals for individuals it's the equivalent of almost ten million meals at fast and it is it's it's. You know it's it's great to be able to be out in the community and to feed people it's very sad that there's not much need and anesthetic it's kind of a catch 22 we love to do that it. I would love to have no hunger issues in our country you know you don't want anyone to ever be be hungry I love what I do. I'd and to be out of a job tomorrow in terms of their being no hunger and don't leave my hot flash that you know I mean I get passionate about it very passionate and and I just wish that people. Didn't have to be hungry and you know ways it's a very sad situation and and it's everyone its children to adults it's seniors it's bad trends. It's it's it's anyone. In the community health. There's all kinds of ways first and foremost you know I think this has become very prevalent during the hurricane relief efforts. Donating money to your local food bank. Is the absolute number one way you can howl and stretch a dollar and make it work. It weighed better than anyone Kennedy Hershey store. Every dollar we receive we can provide for meals loan it's a lot and so I'll like to tell people you know like give coffee cup of coffee one day a week. Eight about 45 dollars and five dollars. At that point if that someone for an entire week and all he's given up this cup of coffee him and so we can do a lot with. A dollar two dollars ten dollars a hundred dollars you name it we we can stretch it. Other ways that people can help. Were always reaching out to eat civic groups to do it on drives on I think I get into that little bit later but that's an opportunity to help. You can always volunteered time we cannot do work we do with our wonderful volunteers. Pasture we worked with. Over 6900. Volunteers and me and it is amazing they donated over 27000. Hours at the equivalent of thirteen all time and even. So it's it's good stuff he volunteered time volunteer talents. I tell me a little bit about your backpack program. The program is. Probably one of the favorites among the banks. It was developed in 2004. Million teachers we're noticing children were they eerie very excited to come to school on Monday morning's. And it's. If you talked to any teacher children are any parent it's hard to get kids. Out of that they actually can I call myself like and then she had the right artist herself an air work. But they knew when these kids they all what is going on these kids are so excited to come in here and what they figured out is these children had eaten since Friday afternoons and now gas and said that backpack program was designed it's a backpack full of news that they can take home over the weekends. Since they have meals on Saturday and Sunday when they're not school. Our backpack program takes place in title one schools title one schools means that over 50%. Of the children attend that school. On qualifying or free or reduced practiced and lines and so we know where in schools and helping children who truly need it. We have 25 sites that we're in this year we work with 25 schools. And we packed 15100 backpacks. Every week. It's a lot and that again is where those volunteers come in the end if they homeless packed those backs or what are immense need it again. The most needed items are can't adds a pan until two we have great partnership Smithfield Foods and make sure that you know we have. All the pork products that we need we're able to utilize that and share with other meetings in the region and get sound. Poultry products and beef products. So we half of the frozen meats we can always use more. But the one thing that we really killed or is keen to strike it's. We're always looking for canned vegetables. And fruits can proteins like your. He ends chick and her canned tuna you know I am and he topic in teen. And we love pasta meals spaghetti and meat polish your beef ravioli and lasagna with meat it it it's good meals types. We're also looking for. Tried to it's like Mac and cheese. You're rice's. More instant Tate it's things like act so. Now always remember candidates but if you go to our website HR it ain't got lowered. We have a list of our most news items that as the time when people do is they'll. You know copy and paste that when knee. At restoring our C employee at Atlantis and you know exactly what will help them out and we're grateful for everything but we do have a most news item list. What attacks do you volunteers still. Our volunteers help us with all kinds of things we have a little bit a clerical work that we help them do. We have them every benefit that comes into the evening gets sorted. It count okay into our warehouse we pick up from retail sources I mentioned earlier we pick up every day. Every benefit that comes in is weight. And that's how we know exactly what's coming into that the bank and every that if if that goes out he's made out and and that's how we know how many meals have attributed. And it kind of off subject here but we have a really. It's very concise inventory program. And we can tell you exactly how much fresh produce comes and exactly how much they mean yeah yeah now yeah I'm not know what goes out in the community. But if somebody asks me not at this moment. You know wanted to know exactly how much dairy product went into the city of Newport News last year and I can pull it and yeah and and and let them now and so it's it's it's a very good programs so we know exactly who we're feeding what communities it's going to you how much of a teen exactly lax and we can also pinpoint where the holes are. You know where we need communities we need to get work it into where and I may be. Certain certain type of the clash shares teeny take it as donations and or something. Yeah lately you've got it can't get to voluntary. And I ask you try every bit chewed it comes and has to be sorted rail. And know everything that our. Try to obviously it's refrigerator for arsenic is immediately it's the refrigerator freezer we look at it when it comes out. Well Turkey and the dry goods we have sorting room and it goes into and we have. Crates everything's put into we check expiration dates you know one of the misconceptions. Is. That we can't take expires is and we can. The only fear god and that we can't take its staff hired is baby it that's because babies just haven't developed. Strong immune system when we have as adults and yes and we wanna take chance with them to even if it's a day old against costs we have to keep everything up to date. With baby food baby formula we always need that nasty being date. But other things we've fallen USDA guidelines as to how. Good things still are you and I don't happen memorize we have some made it works in that realm but. For example canned good to be good for two to three years it's tomato paste it somewhere between eighteen months into years I think. That we do follow all the USDA guidelines the United States Department of Agriculture. Only checked to make sure they cans. They can have dance that they can't have. Big dense where there could get into on or splits in the crease didn't like act so we sort. And other things we need our shelves stocked they can soccer shelves. We packed backpack that's where volunteer groups do that. And we pack USDA acts are global food pantries and here's why now. What kids cafe program. Our kids cafe program. Is a program what we provide hot nutritionally balanced meals to kids. Who are in afterschool programs. You know a lot of times the people that we help. They're families they're working can be a single family home or home with a mom and a dad. But one thing's for sure they are working hand and so when school gets out. These days it kills me. Schools get out such different times and our neighbors who won an upper hand and parents you know if you have a job most people not you know. Add up between you know five and say and as to when school gets out their children go into these after school sanctioned programs they can be. At our faith based organizations that are partner agent's name and be a point in girls and earned in boys and girls clubs they actually run their own programs I'll look at that yeah yeah. Okay you know great a great nonprofit they do wonderful work. But yes places like that Mitt provide nutritionally balanced meals we have on the executive shaft. We're currently looking for production shaft to help amount. But he works win a group of people and they prepare meals with these candidates we currently have about ten sites looking to grow back. I'm waiting for you know a little bit more paperwork to be done but we're doing about five to 600 meals every day. Where these children so now to rate rate program make sure again that it's. And what about the culinary training prayer can can you tell me a little bit about that. Yes it perfect timing of the culinary training program works hand in hand with our kids cafe program. It's a program. This front tire nutrition department. It is just like to job basically it's a twelve week program eight EU. Do an application to get into you write an essay ist while we should change she Ugoh at her due process and and if selected its twelve weeks it's just like your job it's. 8 AM to 5 PME cabin in the mornings. On in the morning to go into our kitchen and you learn culinary skills you learn it Disney you work with our executive staff and our production shafts. And you're helping prepare. Those meals that are out packets Kathy programs it's only in land. You are executives shaft Tyrone he is fantastic he's kissing him good about. That he cannot do 600 emails themselves and that I can imagine actually he probably could Eleanor training program does provide an avenue to help them with that. While he's doing that he's teaching and these culinary skills how to prepare the meals. And then in the afternoon they go into the classroom and you learn life skills. They learn leadership skills and learn things like time management conflict resolution. How to write rest amazed how to perform well in inner views. All kinds of life skills that you'd need to keep and maintain jobs have and so when they graduate this program again it is a twelve week program. They're not paid to be in the program and so it is. Tremendous commitment. But at the end of it if you graduate we usually start off with about ten to twelve participants. And about redefined on average will graduate so it's very rigorous it's ROTC based in. We bring in retired military personnel in the afternoons to teach some of these leadership courses. And you know when you're in the military there aren't you can't play games it take everything very seriously as Asia and so when they graduate the program they're very well mounted. They are. They're fit for the job market. And our employment rate is over 90%. Air pretty much guaranteed if they pass this. Program they graduate to get a job via partnerships in the community with Christopher Newport University Colonial Williamsburg. Armed crashed stores. They know these corporations and companies know that if they got in this program. They're more than likely going to be theory theory currently where what his dad's there a thin desert is an area where there's not a grocery store near you can some people say one miles some people sit three miles but basically live in an area. We're not close to a grocery store and and so a lot of the people that we Sar of you know their living paycheck to paycheck they're having issues. With finances they need help you know with it a lot of and half transportation issues as well. And so if there's not a grocery store near mount he he can't walk miles upon miles upon miles to get it. And so we know there are spending money to pay for taxis and you person. All the popular things transportation but again that takes money to him and so food desert it's an area where there's Hershey store near. And while we try to do is go into this in deserts. And provide food to those communities. Any Alec and noble food pantries did that program it is a pain timing is absolutely per cent the yes our mobile fit into program is where we. Take students at community is. We do try to get into as many in deserts is possible. And if even if they're not desert tweak it until low income communities. Some of our noble food distributions we have about 31 sites that we do every mind. Eleven of those sites are in our senior living communities. There low income communities. Where seniors live you know their living off their Social Security their living off disability. I can't say enough good things and now our seniors. They are amazing people some of our sites they do come to get it but at some of our sites we actually delivered to their homes. And it's really rewarding I had attacked and love what I do you know. But my favorite thing to do is to hand back in December when he needs it tomorrow box elected. And when you go into their homes they're so excited to get it and they just they just love to see you they love to get that you'd eat you know daylight come. And how you put it on account nerves are on their tables where you want it. A lot of the times always it's just look at actions sound light and they've wrapped their arms are mounting give you a again. It's really it's it's just the greatest scam to me now you can look at it that we're helping them. They're really doing a lot for us in return. Why September heiress and specialty organization. I realize it's October. But I always like to point out for people September is actually hunger action mine came and September is. Where it's a national campaign. To create awareness about the issue of hunger are all around the country. But I love doing interviews now always asked this question about September because I want people know that that's the month that there's a national awareness campaign. But people are still hungry the other eleven months of the year mean you know and so. I'll have that question asked in October November December march April may whenever it is. On September is the big month when. You know there's a lot of awareness and a lot of attention drawn to the issue hunger. That is an annual problem it's not just during that month it's not just in holiday season. You know we get a lot of ten nations around Thanksgiving Christmas time period. I am so grateful for this opportunity to talk to you today as we're getting into that time I mean where people really think about hunger. And they donate more you know that's weekend about 60% emerging nations around November December time period. So we need down we're very grateful for them we certainly want them to keep coming. But we do constantly want to remind people. That hunger is an annual issue. People tend to forget about us change wary through August and especially during the summertime and so are always found out in the community. Trying to remind people it's not that we don't want donations and again we're not grateful Wear them because we. Very much aren't we desperately need them we want everybody a great deal to holiday season but we just want to remind people. You know we're here all yearlong meaning people. That's how a little bit about your annual fundraising event peacefully years. Really fun event actually takes place in April of every year it is. You know to have a calendar handy market down it all twelve of 28 team I know it seems like a long way away but. Time sure does fly diet can mean where I play in October. How always around anything Christmas staggering yeah Serena at worst sell. It does slide that are tastefully yours is our largest annual fund raiser itsy. Newt craft beer and wine tasting event in his entire stack. I'm we have about 36 to forty restaurants that participate. They bring up a sample of their food they have. Display whatever they want they do an appetizer they can do dessert they can do it on tray whatever it is they wanted to feature they tampering. We have sponsorships like as a craft your mind. We have tastings of arrows and is a fifty dollar ticket so it's all you can meet for fifty dollars Ali entry everything's included. And we have a jazz band that plays from six to eight but when it goes on an up from eight to 930 it would bring out colonial DJ is Jeff comes out it helps us every year. He starts and amusing people dance and a great and sounds fun and and it's it's a very fun of act two coming on terror and IQ well and I can carry everybody accounted attracts about 15100 people attend this event and it is a a lot of fun and it's on the peninsula it's on the peninsula to him to reds convention center. And this year is very special for us 'cause it's going to be our 25 anniversary. So we're very excited. 28 at the silver so you'll see a lot of silver. Within the decorations. And it's also. Again it's fifty dollars a ticket but the one thing I want you take with them from the event. You're gonna count you're gonna have a great time community well thank you can enjoy. Some beverages you're gonna be entertained it's going to be a great time that you're fifty dollar ticket not only all that. The chief provided 200 meals while helped feed the community to it's it's great event. Now our listeners learn more about the Virginia peninsula if you think. You know come to our web site it's HR in ink dot org we got all kinds of information on the air. I'd like to think each user friendly if you don't think so called me. For this list you can make things better. But it gives you ideas of how you can. Running it on dry without all the information on the air we provide the boxes. We encourage the community to duties in kind drives. It's an opportunity. Or civic groups schools. Sororities fraternities. Anyone can do admiration sometimes you competitions among competitions. Right now Virginia Tech and Virginia the local alumni are doing comp time. But basically we look created donate food and donate funds all the information is on the web site. HR fading dot org you can also you know like you said earlier please Downey inbounds. In the years coming into an and taxis is coming around. A lot of times people are trying to figure out. Good solid organizations that they can donate to that in a note that their funds are going to be used appropriately midway. The Virginia and slipped it bank is the one and a dollar equals more meals. Back at Bank of America dinner meal program. That's actually going on right now in its fantastic. Bank of America will actually double your donation. So if you give five dollars gift. They'll get ten and your five dollar donation becomes a fifteen dollar donation mill did add up to a thousand dollars so our goal is to have 25000. Dollars donated. By October 31 the program runs little longer than math. But the funds do right now need it because they're doing this all across the country and basically you. Donate go to. HRE ink dot org we have a slider it's that Bank of America given meal plan and you can make a donation and if you do a thousand dollars becomes a 3000 dollar donation if you do a hundred dollars if it comes at 300 nation. To a two really good time to make your donation triple the F act and the impact. So I encourage everybody ago began I can't say and a HR it entitle. Well thank you so much Michelle for coming in today to talk about the Virginia peninsula paid bank. One last thing I'd like to ask you is there anything else you'd like to leave McCain generates today. Yes I just want people to know that the face of hunger is any line. It can beam me it can be you can be your neighbor whom he can be someone you attend church wit can be somebody who attends school when it. You never know. Do. Who's hungry you know it's very humbling Taft task for food and to need it and have people. Don't come right out and say hey nature how and say you never know who witnessed and so people like to kind of put their own. Face a hunger and you people always have an airhead who they mention it looks like and assumptions perfect word people always have the assumptions of who they think it is. It's not that person it might be that person as so many others that she may not realize that there hungry so you know always. Always be willing to help the person next TO. You know whether you know govern not keep in mind. You can't do anything if you're hungry children can't learn it's hard to war. You you're not healthy health issues arise when you're hungry there's just. There's so many issues that developed from hunger to just keep in mind can be anywhere now. You again for coming out. And if you'd like to get more information on the Virginia peninsula feed them and be sure to visit their website at HR feud paint dot org.