Weirdest Things You Caught Someone Doing At Work.mp3

Friday, June 17th

What do nude cleaning, getting freaky in the freezer, and pooping in a bucket have in common? They all make this list of the weirdest things you ever caught somebody doing at work!


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Yeah. Only game. Talk radio this morning about what is the craziest thing you ever caught somebody doing an act of war. Off. An employee that we're we're hitting Chilean history and caught Arum take any crap in it bulk credentials. Yeah. They could get kidnapped. He's got to go and he's to be patient to wait until we get somewhere where you can you can bet there are you to look both men. Stay here is a bucket of bucket. Bucket. Oh my god and be weirdest or craziest thing you've ever caught somebody doing that work. There are some weird ones in here. Eyewitness. That co worker. We she and her boyfriend and a pair. Wow. All so you think she was bleaching them. It won't Harry learned. Multiple tours that are well known. I want change. And I had no idea why anyone would ever gives any I don't know they what I like a curtain and I consider it sure what's going on that. Even afford good morning what's the craziest thing you ever sought custody doing at work. I'm shooting. So you know our. But you know an all American hero all my gas leak. Shoot huge shooting up why hills. Yes he took place. Like hot seat you know there was no yeah yeah it for a broken down and put it. Should not lower our break it hot over in the emergency room he would actual met that were there. God does not funny you don't well yeah they look but don't let them. So there is an ox include addiction that's bloody and she flat out evil in late hit it I can't did addicted to drugs bad. Edit that were there. I'm like why. When you get a Russia and I was a server and I economy interject into. Permanent observer. June breeze there. You. Might tell her I don't know. You're gonna say as the dude I'm telling you I'm thinking the same thing in a freezer how do you yeah. Yeah. I'm not an answer and I seen an early on day packed house I played soccer ball. Up there now. I explained to trial it. And how Obama can't support I'm not that your second floor you end elevator doors opening and immediately hit it cleanly and then the day. Book club put up with Cleveland the bank what do you fiscal and he's a very. Hi wolf it's probably goal it's one thing if any of that money goes missing and a bank did not could possibly be the worst thing about why it. Runs. Between you now know all.