WOTR Alyssa and Scott the Missing Husband

Friday, March 24th

If Scott hates his job so much, then why is he spending all his time out with his co-workers instead of at home with Alyssa? Maybe the answer will be revealed with a little War of the Roses!


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Surprised. He loses a red violets are blue on Wednesday mornings and you. She was you hello Warren who loses. I'm and it's dice now there's this break listed rejection she here on that day as we welcome Melissa so busy morning zoo hello Zack. So poorly put into the test for you this morning it's like has been. OK so once again we have a marriage on the line here so now what's been going out with Scott why are we testing him this morning. I rockets and you hate them. Now. And I last week analogous and worksheets renege general. Both ends to target even though right hand jobs that much and then now all of a sudden he'd best find an easy problem. And I don't just text ends but this game might just get. Lately ranks in his rights had our thirteenth Bob Edwards saying. Like he's got to me anymore because that's how you guys being married. Three years okay actually any restaurant and in August. OK there was one more thing you mentioned your email and had to do with his phone and. Outpatient. Back lastly. I just kind of just generally whereas 2000 any. Really mad about it. Yes you send your emails idiot like campaigning key look on his face and you grabbed it app. Kinda late maybe there was something on the phone that he didn't want ABC. Yeah. Okay we'll let. Let's see if we can find out what's going on here with a little war of the roses I'm Morgan given the averaging eighty as you know to send someone a dozen roses and when you're gonna get to hear who he chooses. And what he puts on the card okay. I time for the two questions we ask everywhere where there is is produced in question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Okay and question two. How certain are you when he gets these flowers he's gonna choose you descend into it. Yelling give you had to give a percentage. I don't know. Like 8%. All right well let's find out. An. Opt. Good morning and going to speak to thank Scott and I think Scott. My name's actually I'm calling from a brainy well delivery service cut Florida's neinsager contrary ET yet. I'm a period. And got into asking. That reason I'm calling you is because we're a brain you companies Henry tank to get the word out about ourselves have you ever heard of as the foreign. So it shouldn't come end. Flower designs that come. Well basically we're like an online flower shop and right now we're offering visa and MasterCard customers. A one time free trial of her service as like an introductory offers a basic claim. It's your opera Cheney tease our service and send some flowers to anybody you line it's completely free and Hispanics and they need the Harrison then. Yeah it won't use free tree flowers are not yet exactly three and weakens and then to anybody you want. OK it yet as I think said that Chris Salinas is in name of the person and that he'd like this in the Claris Taylor. Are all right oh and eat my way shall. Seen in my. Flowers are actually come into little card as well so what would you like to put on the card. Color okay. Unlike issues. I love you. Actually you want what am. I lady whose stars and Iraq. Odd. Yes he edge. Low injecting saying we have Patricio. Only a little surprised me this morning he's got this and a flower company calling you this is actually busy mornings view on T 104. Yeah. Yeah and right now here on this segment we do call war of the roses you're. Being tested just now I saw you hear you pretty you probably don't even know. You showed your life. Great show man and we had a was soliciting the whole time but guess what you've picked the right woman to send flowers sale so. Well what brought you look at. Scenes I mean spirit like you that it you can't seem like you're just gonna know lately like. Yeah hanging out more with your friends at the end I don't know. Mean it was our district to hold it would be what he's talking about no I mean actually he went after Iraq like three right there now. To watch master all the big guys it's March Madness right now I told you that. Scary kind of sorry Amazon no rest. Is what would you be nervous just let them be nervous about he's my why should let youth. And well listen Scott listen up because you answered the right person we really are gonna send us a dozen roses and then it we're gonna pay for them itself. You may not posture brackets in the turner and but you definitely busted more of the roses this. What is news or it's.