WOTR: Amanda the Psycho Girl and Jeremy

Friday, March 9th

Poor Jeremy. He certainly has his hands full with Amanda... I guess the moral of this story is "don't let a clinger move in with you!"


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Five losers in the red violets are blue I'm Wednesday morning some holes you. Better choosy you love. And it starts now and is grounded out. Amanda the Amanda hi all. So glory be pleased that test trio like wishful Jeremy okay and how long you viewing Jeremy did indeed. Well and it and then and I would say yeah. Okay see you've done the whole breakup makeup maneuver a couple of times. So let and it's absurd that we were just friends and then me and that's clearly the advance. And then that we love them and and then Atlanta for a laugh and then he added this is god and and that setting you played. See you guys have really been through the gauntlet that. Okay and are now do you have any reason to suspect that he's cheating on you like to have been increasingly text messages has been acting different. Well. I mean he's definitely been acting. Like he hadn't seen it and let me ask you to be and I'd hate each other up they kind of planet in examined they got. So enough to make you a little jealous. And you know enough to maybe do a quick double checked to make sure there isn't anybody else in his life that you don't know about us. Oh let's do that what we're gonna do is we're gonna offered Jeremy three dozen roses that he could send anybody he wants and then you're gonna get here who we choose this is the flyers and what he puts on the card okay. Right time for the few questions we ask everywhere there is is participant question why are you sure you want all of this on the air. Okay and question to you how certain are you that we UT's three roses to send somebody he's gonna pay you. Well. I mean I'm not swear like that you know that it won't educate me. And you could it. OK now let's find out. Oh. Yeah. And kind of speak to aid Jamie and day. Tying Jamie my name's Ashley and Kline from Adrian you floral deliveries tennis club floor designed sag contract eating today. Good area. I'm great and her asking. Say that reason I'm calling is to ask if you've ever heard of our company before iron sand have you heard of Florida signs dot com. You know not that I know but I remember. Okay well basically right Emil online flower shop sitting next I mean need to send flowers to someone you won't have to drive to the flower shop where paper expensive deliveries. Place he won't even have to go online order anything can we have our an app. Eat in order flowers at the clash of the black and all old what they were all. Kinds dot com goal all. Actually have to land that reason I'm calling is because we're trying to spread the word out our company. So we're giving people a one time only free use of our service. So basically we're gonna like it send someone a gorgeous you can read magazines. And will pick up the cost and is there anybody like to send him beautiful red ramseys tear. Okay good okay so it's great though I. Like to stick some on an open and roses and then I'd do or don't charge. You don't eat you won't get charged for anything. You got that look at a pretty heavy marketing but it sounded good at it and it ought to do where you are. I know ray and her so I looked at where actually just trying to get people to use our service. Say that they like gang bang next time now X and you need flowers you choose to order from classic instead of you know your local place. Got it got it got it right up. Okay great sound you wanna try. Yeah yeah I do you do what. They say hi Jess name of the person name you want to send flowers tears and what you would like to put on the card. Our goal let them that there McMahon. And then on the cart let something like I can't nothing about youth. I don't know your girlfriend doesn't. I. Q thank. Well on it we want to beat Jeremy. Yeah hey listen and they. It really a flower shop this is actually busy morning radio show on he went 04 and right now you're on war of the Rosie since your girlfriend Amanda. Asks us to call you. So who is going to stop you right there amid is not at all. I was. Yeah you were never my girlfriend to a girl and any huge huge mistake sleep and we view and edit even huge mistake living would you. Hold you repeatedly. That I want nothing to do with the. OK it's time to think as we got a what are you going. To see you enemy and aren't in a relationship. We're. Color here. 88 you are crazy person who were soundly than you will not let you know that might like to wish you'd stop doing that critic when he. I. Think you're doing and you and I didn't really Leo. Like it but it can never dead I love you. Yeah yeah. It was a really bad argued again. OK Amanda that. Jeremy side of the story here so did you tell Amanda you must chair no okay did you. Did you live with her. Yes I. I live with a live together it. Think literally can't let that they're the biggest mistake of my life like I needed a lot of ball a little while okay. Where ball there a lot that the game and see they have hired well I have tired but I'm over the table and watched litany that week. Go opera trained currency in the back my play and so that night but again. And then the next week marry me help me that you got a Condo that we're rename candidate away and now I'm not I don't know in the live would need. I can't afford to play it on myself associate play. You know problem bad mood and I had in the into some of the land. I knew from the get go I knew it was a bad idea that old. We were we lived together for. 83 months and it went. Don't like McDonald's and our movie ever come into my room in the middle and high. Pat get in my bed without telling me and you're going to my room like through might not in my group all the time. And the whole time we were asleep together. And we have put to get all the but once Delilah and out party come omen. They're here tonight Adam but she got carried away and on your boyfriend at Alameda were involved and we're eating and like I did well down. And and I older and have been pretty late I couldn't live there anymore and couldn't do it anymore when you know if you like I hope you look at gonna be our plate right now and now I'm I'm gonna live Obama felt for now I'd be very bad back you never heard that act yet quite an. Yes I did you got all but parity is being pregnant I would maybe they wouldn't have been about the battle. But I told that it wanted people anymore and that you are shown about my work into my friend to PL island total property. To give another guy who wrote it. Not being an hour late did you need to write it went out rose who. We're not together we should have never bad together in the earth but they'll literally a man at the black. Please stop calling me to leave me alone I'm done. All right so me and that. I'm guessing how Jamie feels now how do you feel. I know I'm trying I mean. No we don't let me arrogant and you don't get that emotion I'll be out chair you know house. Ortiz who's more of the rose.