WOTR: Becca and Caleb the Married Guy

Friday, April 13th

Becca has been seeing Caleb, a guy who she knows is married, but he says he's "definitely leaving" his wife. We all know how these things end, right? MESSY.


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Five. Losers a red violets are blue and when she won't lose your. Better chews you up. And it starts now. And Tuesday morning to go back out okay everybody still more going to be putting contest freed today. Halo and OK and who is Kate. Kate is that guy that I have been dating for a while now. And and I think you're just starting to get a little bit more experience. OK serious how they it's like I'm pregnant with these babies areas or are we might be moving in together serious. I didn't know I am probably a little bit like that at Atlanta. Baby thing. Not. OK so but there's a problem we have not mentioned yet here and that is why. I Kayla is still technically married to. And that he would be in the right okay so he and his wife are flights separated. They are separate. Separate. Okay and what is his wife's name. Amy OK you said in your email that you had long discussions about this with Caleb and he's definitely leaving his life. Kodiak. To suck more than what's the problem that. Okay the problem is that he tells me one thing and then I ate it got within the Gramm and it basically a lot of pictures of him with her. Am and it kind of makes it look like they hired still in love with each got there. ICE. As he told you don't that he loves you yeah have you have you guys thrown the L word around yet. Maybe not some big. Gesture like in the rain and eat real mess it's great right after that blank you know any doubts about the money I love you levees gave bagged. OK tell what you like us to do is put Caleb to the task that I mean after all if he's really over his wife. And he's really eleven DOD's should be a no brainer for incorrect. And I mean let's look. OK so before we start the two questions we ask everywhere there was this participant real quick question what are you sure you want all of this on the air. And questioned you ouster hearing that we offer Kalin he's free roses to send somebody that he's gonna pick you descend Ngo. Well I mean like you bet you that if he's really over her and. Let me. Writes what we're gonna know for sure in just a few minutes. It. Hello. Good morning I'm kind to speak with their parents and increase. Gerald good morning to add my name's Ashley and calling from a brain near floral delivery service cloud Florida thanks dot com Gary. Good. Thanks so reared and thanks for asking send everything in calling today is to let emails a little bit about our company flow designs and what we did. How oft and eating and you order travelers. I. Well so. I don't know of many really good couple time your justice. They do it now turns off. I stark company you'll never have to lose a flower shop or pay expansion delivery fees ever again when you order flat place. And to help introduce ourselves teal. I can after a year aim one time only you satire segments are absolutely free. It's kind of like a free sample where you don't have to Cheney Cheney don't even have to eases to gain if you don't want to. But we think you'll be so happy like ants that he'll give that a try so what he sank deep wanna since at least some free flowers today it's totally on masks. I. Okay. Shall I do. Basically it and it sends him eight dazzling Permian ticker at raising this and you get all of that Friday. And we take care of them is that sound then. I'm sure that sold include H. And they said the only info I need from you is the name of the purse and in like ST send these gorgeous red raises tale. Janet. Let's go to waste. She deserves it ready. At what is your wife's name. It's a meeting. Okay and that's flat Harris are gonna come with a card so what message would you like to put on the card. Were. I judge. Jewish I love you. Very nice meal for making me look good evening. Well wolf yeah. Loved what are you a sort of how are you Whitner are you not and it's your Dylan love Woodbury. He didn't flared up and now. What's so hard and so on what. He came forward. Keylon Lydia and this this isn't really a flower company this is actually busy morning zoo radio show and right now you're on war of the roses. That was actor who you just heard a new and back at beating each other. You. I'm gonna take what he said as a no comment back what what are you thinking right now. Honestly. I eighty I can't believe that you just think that it okay. To mess around with different people liked it. Yeah yeah. I say this but I mean when you master and Mary guy that's what you gonna again. Well I hate it but you can't control who you are loved it OK so maybe you can just keep your key judgment your upper now. Yeah it's usually able. You don't because again the way he wanted to do and. On ABC news or do. Rose yeah.