WOTR Brian and Larissa and the shady manager

Friday, April 28th

Brian's GF Larissa is a singer. But when a shady new "manager" starts booking her some gigs, she begins spending a LOT more time with HIM than with her own BF!!  Maybe there's more than just "business" going on...


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Wall of the room. Losers in the red violets are blue on Wednesday mornings and shoot and edit choosy you. I'm and they start soon. I ended this morning northern neighbor I have yet so we're gonna be putting your girlfriend to the test today. Truex and what is her name her name is Lu percent. OK we've seen this girl before right. Well I don't know you might have this. She's a singer and she's performed under the name rich show Monday. Okay so miss a maze of you ever seen. Risks amazing. That's the girl we're putting to the test today so why are we testing. Well a couple of months ago she started getting a regular gigs on the political and and Jessica got this it was a standing ago and she was really nice to win and he told her that he could trigger other gates like at other spots. So sort of to an end to sustain that you know. From shaking warmer to sort of manager I cash. The problem is that guys like. Real shaky and I do not trust him and now she's been involved this time around them like will have introduced on being able texture you like. And it happens in cabinet or eight or something like that and have all what we do of course. And just like that she fails as it does whatever one's you know I did it he tried to clear up the ground but I got that I just don't like their relationship. OK see you say you wanted us to test hurry though right not this Rico guy. I mean. I'm sure he'd like to get what therapy could so that part I need active nature isn't happening and that she doesn't have feelings for him. In Rico just sounds sleazy as an and we can. Okay so we're gonna run the female version of war of the roses band on the low risk sash explain how this works out well. We're gonna do they sell cholera and pretend we're friend Dick Tracy grant and telling she's won at painting here and if in any fashion line and here at any here did she pay and what she put on the card okay. Yeah. Time to did you question we ask everywhere there is is participant question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Okay and questions to how certain are you that if we all heard this panty Graham this is gonna pay you descended trio. Well you need to pick me a report. Yes at this point the final let's find out. An. Opt opt. And kindness that being said. Please. Didn't miss my name's actually I'm calling from the Victoria secret permissions department are eating today. Lou good how are you and asking. Everything I'm calling it I had that means your name is one of the names trays and as a winner in art try it reprieve by contacts which means even chosen as one of our lucky customers. It's a test now. Real merchandise we'll worry in treaties and our stories and what ever you test out you don't Tiki still congratulation and we. It. Clear once every quarter we draw means from our customer database that green and end this time you're name is one of the name's Jason. I I eat (%expletive) that you hear that I can get to test out friends. Sharon. I only want to test out isn't even four year its four year me. It's cut and EXPNG. Gram and here's how it where. He gets in some of his card but it's usually a really boring picture of like. A White House or some strange birds or something yeah. And it is different than what we do is this and then meaning your life and actual meal pair of pink tees. A little note to tax Sally like as secular remind me that you thinking about him. And you'll get to fill up and never have every wind and you can have its name. Eating round tanks and last night are looking forward to this week gang what every one thing you wanna get that attract. Lose. That and we need to violates what kind pennies to you when he sang. We have read teen Wear black. Oh. Me. Went to a black. IRA and what is the name of the purse and verse singing your penal and yeah. Blue okay. I collect loot at. That's OK and what did you wanna put on the card that comes with we give anything you want as long as it's under a 180 character and moved okay. Firm and I just put Aaron. You think you already committed. And anything actress Grammy and chest as second but he money factor on Holbrooke quick. OK hang on 12. OK so. Not re echo mill. But who the hell is Lucas. Well knowing how can you wanna find out. Yes OK hang on and kind of are you ready 321 got a Taylor series and Karina that Selanne. Like you're saying we're singing this to live less. Boy he's going to be excited I actually sent some of these my boyfriend and he loved dad is Lucas your boyfriend or her husband learn. He just uses that friend. It can get complicated a bit of April. OK I Guinea he's one of those I got checked. And that the lip is now about Brian in your boyfriend. Not wait wait wait let. You know Bob Bryant. Probably because I've been listening to the conversation the entire Thai. You can one tell me over the prove. It's personal. He is different from a long time ago that I haven't you know I'll see that's sending him some pain it would be inaccurate if I miss you. Yeah yes yes yes it feel that it's just stupid I don't they. Send them to meet you what Mitt. Immediate. I went silent Saturday. You wouldn't port you don't. Like get double dip of it. You'd let it doesn't mean anything. But they are under and add. A I don't get re doing it. The questions. We'll get a look at them. The long time ago. What a long time ago. Be weeks ago. It all right thought you've done. All I. Morning's news warrant. Okay.