WOTR Brooke and Kevin the wandering boyfriend

Friday, April 28th

Brooke is nervous because her BF Kevin seems to be less and less interested in their relationship. But are her worries justified? She puts him to the ultimate test to find out!


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Surprise. Losers in the red violets are blue on Wednesday mornings and holes you had better choosy you love Warren who. I'm Annie starts now it's a war of the roses is that where you put him into the tests for live on the air to see if they are lovers. So scary with generic copies of the book to losing money that he broke. Hole guy so who are we gonna be putting to the test today. In my own way through yeah okay and why are we putting candy into the tests. Basically described as I feel like eight would be seeking to have relationship currency. On the back where. OK like I feel like planes island's number one car isn't quite striking out I'm study. Okay and how long did you today. OK so at first things were hot and heavy now there cooling off a little bit. Yeah thanks. Sweet sixteens and it was cool and warm looking place in every week I didn't choose it seems like she doesn't seem to have friends from. Okay and do you know like has started a new job. However some big lightly what's taking up all this time he used to have radio. Child. You know. What you get as a little party Alex how does need to have all of China and had to give me more. Okay well let's see that you find out what's going on it would do little war of the roses here we're gonna give Kevin the opportunity to send a dozen roses anybody wants and you're gonna get here. Who he chooses and what he puts on the card okay. All right time for the two questions we ask everywhere the rose is purges in question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. All right and question two how certain are you that we get these flowers he's gonna choose you to send him to again give a percentage of how sure you are. You know last. Actually many Chinese. Okay well let's find out. A. Good mighty and trying to speech like ten then and please. Odd at their. Wedding and then my name's Ashley and kind from every and you plus delivery service contoured design sack come buried today. I want it all out and says they reason I'm calling years is because grabbed rain new company. And are trying to get the word out about ourselves have you ever heard of best before or cloud floral designs dot com. Are you know I don't think that I had actually. Well right now we're offering visa and MasterCard customers a one time free trial of our service. As an introductory offer it so basically it's your opera GTE's our service. And then someone Larry's K anybody you want and it's all completely free now does that sound like something need the NSA then. Are are gas are sure that that's where demand actually found out actually planning or giving them the flowers this week anyway it's so random. Ripping good timing. So like I said this is just a free trial so it's not gonna question any thing if you like our service hopefully he'll use us again in the future and can't. Of as we well we have to do. Well what are they do is and we we sent out a gorgeous this KM long stem raises their dairy romantic. Felt really do like ST Cindy's TM. All whom I. I want you and you're out there. Brett in her last name. And and if I gonna come at the card and weaken what everyone and the card as well. On the chemical executives on the event live like you guys. And now another dozen relatives on this site that I think I got to recover. Like you want Estes Leonard two dozen residents. Our network but bashing that. Without further and then there's actually a guy embarrassing don't judge me but I am not dating to a different girls so. It's sorry let me get straight to you want us to send one doesn't today's abrupt purse and and the other airlines are a different person. Yeah I'm kinda dating that you girl date they don't know about each other well. Well they do you are idiots. And now. For the whole. Beckett. At La. In caged cat ears ears let's go to. This isn't a flower company is actually busy morning zoo radio show and he went 04 and right now you're on war of the roses. Brooke. Actually wind has depleted the test and you are actually doing grain eats. Until you sort of crap the bed by admitting to hearing June timer. And I won't my breath and who is a person. Your child out and it and that's the flowered about their. Hero you are. All of a second kept so say you're only dating Brooke that you said there was another person because you wanted. To give the flowers to your mom. Yeah I'll go out to Joseph you know like Matt I'll mapping out our did that. Good that I'll ever temperature. I'm keen to hear a 100% below and. Yeah I mean you're 100 and not. It's.