WOTR: Caleb, Serena, and the Summer Job

Friday, August 3rd

When Serena went down to S.C. to work at her uncle's marina for the summer, she told Caleb she still wanted to be together. But now he's getting a much different vibe from her...and it doesn't help that she keeps putting pics of the same dude on IG lately...

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Rose is a re start when she won't lose and your man. You. And it starts now however they do it this week for weather that do this came up big gal. Hey Hillary as soon. Today so who are we put into the tax free today. Well let me get my girlfriend what is her name. Serena. Serving like Serena Williams and yeah yeah and yeah all right so what's going on the Serena. Okay well. We Kristi. To show up in the work. No sound and we go to dinner yields. And we got along very straightaway isn't it it altered history tells me to hurt eating eggs then you really good and beautiful. And anybody else that we didn't have that good Haitian artist Zaza. And yet the point where she's Qaeda had sided clear it was legal or not. You can't just decided look authority in relation ship took that summer comes around. She says she's you can get it down South Carolina toward her uncle's marina yeah it does. Or summer job Shia it was as she else blah blah blah and I'm like slate so are you leaving me more. You challenge whatever Al. Together but you know it's our summer job in regular years now. She can't find a summer job here in Virginia. Out to China life. Sure it used to editor personal murders that at 800 money down they're beautiful blonde. Can you up real quick when she laughed where you under the impression that you guys are gonna stay together as a couple. Because that's what she says she wanted to. Did she ever make claims to come to you can't. Well she she didn't make plans yet. Come visit me who you know what you twice but that she backed out but a lot of strategy so I looked up to. Down here you know and everytime I try to come cheap psyche you know what they really get a black packages and yell at this. That we can't shoot Karl. Our law. But so rights and this means she's cheating on you of course but let's talk about the pictures that you sell on. He has so should get a couple pictures out where she was with the the state do you think I asked about it you know they're not shall autos and general security they let us like. So who is that do you eat at him. Words just truths co worker you know let. But you put you think he might be more than that. You know I don't know like it at the beginning of summer issues well mission beach. Just saying she couldn't wait to come home where we should come visit the national. He should sit here before. Do you think that this other dude is the reason why. I mean. I'd definitely would like to find out. OK so let's run it in addition to Wear the roses honor and then see who she picks in what she puts on the card okay. Tiger did you question we ask everywhere the roses bridges in question one are you sure you want all of this on the year. Okay and question Q how certain are you that we offer free candy gram to send to someone that she's gonna pick you know. Well I think that is of the essence of why am I yelled at tell me again each ever air show. OK let's find out. Who opt. Out. Opt out. I don't mind and calling Trace their meaning and please. I. Seen my name is actually an incline from that permissions department at Victoria's Secret how he today. I'm could eat the reason I'm calling is because you had a knack and he explains brace freak act and I was trying to thinking about it. Oh. Are there I'd like trying to budget. I don't know but it's always point I'm just wanting to be honest upright. No that's totally fine we actually don't take away points for returns. Said he had a few minutes for me to tell you about your free guest. OK sure it's called and yes anti Iranian and here's how it works have you ever seen sending a postcard in the name. I. Can't send. Kind of like that only eighteen sex scenes and scarring that you're ever going to set and what we did they send a real apparently skinny skinny guy in your life. And we'll have a mirror attached. And on the note you can write anything you want to know something like. Looking forward to this week long and or ultra last now eight so maybe missing years and thinking about ill stuff like that. I'm about some offer them. Are you have to be thick like military lives. Yeah act exactly definitely. I think there has been tired to play it's a big sell different and like you get for free trial is a special guy you wanna Santini and Taylor. Cost you anything. It. And at first we need to Elian's what kind of pain easy one instance and we have red and black or heat. Threatened read OK and you just like to syndicate and eat a first and last name. OK I didn't. I can't do it titled. He'll talk and that teeny come look at card so what message would you like this to print on the card. I hit the player current array and maybe you'll see anywhere in thunderbird as. OK at that and I just need to hang on weren't sacked and I did this and instead I'm gonna take you on hold for a second tank. All right so king live she came here it's great ninety do you know this Kyle guy is that the guy in the picture and. All I I don't know. Pictures being. OK so do you wanna talk to Serena I mean we could tell we do is we teller. These are the operator will take down the address and then put you want in the opera general. Known and unknown it's it's just just so orders me over here. Okay this. He Serena. So this in we have a bit of a surprise for you that this is not really Victoria's Secret this is actually busy morning zoo radio show back in Virginia Beach. And right now you're on war of the road since we actually have Kayla Obama doesn't he want us to what you did the test. Yeah. Hit series there Sheila. A. So what's going on as we say you look at that they pay any grand thing to see who you would choose and I think Caleb thought that you would choose him. But you chose somebody else instead so who is that other guy. I. I play tennis like there is time in that they match. Oh. Iowa twenty com. He's a friend okay so I he's a friend why did you say. That he might see you wearing those panties. I would probably jump out. You're joking around Kaelin is that the impression you got that she was joking. I mean it is not. Not really where were you so. It's whatever I don't really care I had a few errors somebody else. You know I just to be sure I never had their I don't know. School help it chart a sort of mr. to English so I guess you know or. Means terror soar past time. Sure. It's nobody's anything he's changing it is they. Morning's news it's.