WOTR Cara and Hannah the at work flirt

Friday, February 16th

Cara has a problem. Her boyfriend has a co-worker who constantly flirts with him, and it's getting WORSE. Time for a reality check with a little "War of the Roses"


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Five. Losers a red violets are blue I'm Wednesday mornings and your man. Better choosy you. And many starts now and is well they. Everybody so we were just talking all year about how this is. Better not screw this up so poorly put into the test trio. Well my boyfriend works with Pastrana and Hannah. She isn't readily at hand I was so it started a couple months ago. Okay and then what is your boyfriend's name. Okay and where did he work. And they looked at and cut them the place in some. Can't a girl is she that she's been putting moves on chase. Well I thought something was going on the first time I went there I was looking to change and she came up to me sir thank Akio. I would think there are looking to change anything here. Send them sheep eat little. And she was saying I you try and written in Arabic actually I'm conference and she'd give me this look up and down its site. OK. I have to see if she's over. So she gave you look decent what was it looked like she was saying who'd this girl thinks he ends. Should get it now look like. I can't believe she would date you. OK so is there more to this story. I should comment on every in the Gramm quote we have well it's just an edited on Whitney hand in Xinjiang. And then she broke she always tries to polite little infant joked I ask just target Telesis and. Okay now in your email. You mentioned something about how they always take their breaks together. Yeah roundtable you know I guess when you go without the smoke she only tactical actions. He'd listen closely. OK if you wanted to put chase to the test sitting in TV picks this hand a girl. Now it's. Actually Elena he would he would do it we put her to. Okay so okay see you want to see if she sent a panty granted chase. That's because she has a portrait of her own and she cleaned bearing gate strong right. If you have your man are you interested in line. A day and this is her odd number I'm looking at in your email. OK so what we'll do is we'll put him into the test and then we'll see who she would send a you don't free free Victoria's Secret any grand tale time we do question to ask everywhere there was participant question one are you sure you want all of this on the hair. Question to what happens if this girl does pick chase and federal boyfriend. Are you hearing gauge and it gets when doc are. Since I guess it's a good morning intentionally getting change has been happening children are literally. All right in on that notre. And pop. Up on top. I'm planning actually I'm calling from. Oh. Iowa at the very beginning. I'm good how are you and said they reason I'm calling is because we have your name in our customer database. And this year for Valentine's Day Victoria's Secret is doing this breed permission for our customers were you send in special formed. Tears we are kind of Keeney grant and it's totally free. If you like to hear a little bit about it. When it. It's kind of singing Cameron talent granny Ireland completely scarred but instead it's an actual hair and real lace panties and a little love for their attacks and you can write what everyone on the net. Clearly can see something like a slightly different tonight or see it this week and anything you can do is happy Valentine's Day link really anything you want. It. Yeah I mean it really hoping that it's gonna the kind of ragged game where we can actually Salman in our stores to did you like to get HI. Like I said it's totally free. Sure sure. He packed. Two weekends after a couple things he wears Steve first off what kind of PD did you like to send me have red black or peen. I'm at school I look what Brad I guess. And you just like to send your pain continue. You mean you name. It's okay that it Braden. And Reagan. And like leaks too that I'm actually I'm very keen on that and I think that. Okay out. I want and it you eight. Each case and come. Yeah and telling you would you like to put on the card that comes wind deaths. But Karen did that enter your question. Happy Valentine's Day from him and. Oh happy with. And it makes you wonder what if question one. I know you. What question are you talking about. Atlanta. I yeah I hope you're coming right and opinion yeah. Dave Allison Hanna this really isn't Victoria's Secret this is actually busy morning zoo radio show and he went off four and right now you're on. And war of the roses. We actually have Kara on the other line who I believe you know. And no not really. You didn't and don't like yeah I am. OK. It queens. Yes and not an exemption. Would I already had a couple of call. Your bank. And now I'm on down there were. Am I just grant and I'm not. Out. A whole new week it's why I propensity isn't it yeah. I don't know how he would be warned that I I eat I'm not a sacked him and he wouldn't care you've met me before he likes it and we. Finally ended. We. Looked at by visa what does that mean exactly. You figure it out. Utley I still are we supposed that thing that I don't know I mean. Good show and he strained his health care gee didn't do you by person do you feel better after this. I live now I'd like to know that I am. IC EO Bob I don't. And and also apparently how her boyfriend feels about your boyfriend is jail. Morning's news or use.