WOTR: Carla and Adam and the Camping Trip

Friday, June 15th

Before Carla agrees to spend the most uncomfortable weekend of her life camping out in the woods with Adam, you better believe she's gonna make sure he's faithful!!

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Five losers a red violets are blue and when zoom zoom zoom yeah. Better choosy you. And it starts now remind you can hear Cold War of the roses and dirty work so let's. Online ads you afford I have he's the only your money out I don't know because after changing over a little bit you know you can sell your online though if you need to have as he would afford not to. Welcome carloads in the shallow. Why is still now not as much on the line this week as far as where the roses goes because we're calling like your highs being new your boyfriend. Barack. Who are recalling. Okay who is Adam. Out of and the guy hadn't seen the bottom line and the go ahead. And I don't mind actually we're just excited and I doubt there was another. OK now you guys are not in a relationship correct. It was her time. I place this and more about 18100 that he because. You don't have a record thought that I asked him straight out of the Indian anybody else and usually out. Okay and as you mentioned your friend in the whole waterside thing. And he's bad that you have been so. I was there sentiment isn't somebody else. OK so and so the reason we're putting is just isn't just about how. How does he go right it's also about this trip that he asked you on. Yes Fiat mean it got him to let him but it was then that and I'm not really easy ten being that it. I was you know I'll come to you want to do. The thing that's you know yeah but the thing is you're not about his middle weekend on the importance with this guy being incredibly uncomfortable if he's a liar. Exactly I mean that I'm thinking is really important and you know I'm. Target gets those feelings forehands and the attitude we didn't go camping in the book I think the first time being you know. You know he's. And there's a lot more on the line here than we thought. And OK so they should be a good way to find out what we're gonna do is we're gonna offer them a dozen roses that he can send whoever he wants. Your idiots here who he chooses and what he puts on the card okay. All right time for the few questions we ask everywhere the roses barges that question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Okay and question two how certain are you that we offer these free flowers that easy to choose you descend into and not somebody else. We'll have to vote basically bet he'll pick mean. You know about pretty much. Sure than the good news is he's not cheating in the bag eases happy camping. Out yeah. Let's find out. It. I think I'm kind of speech had and east. Yet. Pat and I names actually and I'm calling from a brain near floral delivery tennis colorful designs dot com Harry. And that things are asking. Every time calling first of all is to ask if you've ever heard of our company before heavy butterfly designs that come. I'm not sure. Well brain drain anyway to order flowers and he can get it right from an app on your fan. That means numerous trips to the flower shop and no more expansion delivery eased when you order online in fact interest EC charged and that's what I like to use insect you left. They one time only free order. So basically you can think Larry's take anyone you want one time only absolutely free. Shea. A column. All right at them but the first thing on the bunting today. China's public. None renteria and surely you're talking about. You got me who I want and are there oh. And the person a bullet names and I don't see them on the big trouble ballot this. He actually had a net debt is exactly what this is. This is not a flower company this is busy morning zoo and right now you're on the war of the roses. Or the road that piano off on right now you yes you absolutely are yes. But malaria. I guess my wife Claudia it. Yes yes she sure did and how crazy is that. Actually pretty crazy guy on your. Even Harry. I don't. It earlier not married. I. I had to okay Adam. Here's the deal on this is busy morning zoo and and yes you're on war of the roses but it was that your wife who call hold it was Carla. You tell me Decker yeah. Okay online net nice thing. It's not okay so how does that put the number you're near. Seattle might be upgraded. Well let me why. Yes slowly your marriage. I mean technically yeah but we are we're operating. Easily. You mean they got that out. But can't we do it delivered the game now. Mattered little gently. And I watch old you are start game that you don't know everything about immediately as you might. Or are pretty well up and Mary. Well to beat fare card I mean he might suck at basketball. How to back bumper and picked it. News Laura.