WOTR Carla and Thomas the Side Piece

Friday, September 8th

Carla has noticed that her boyfriend Thomas has been acting WAAAAAY different since he got back from deployment...


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I lose is a red violets are blue on Wednesday mornings and you know. Better choosy you love war and who knows this is. Time and it starts now those are your daily so Russert the week off I catch it Jeter going to warn parents of please welcome Carla busy morning you will occur. Laura showed your boyfriend just got back from deployment last month. Yes and what's his name. Weren't okay and this huge who were putting contest today. Yes yes OK why. Well because like you said he just got up to. Appointment last month an average interest and actually it's been lucky. Different. Weighed different okay how old exactly. He could form for kids I don't think it's an interesting couple anymore. You know we can do a lot of the night had asked in our leaders want to hang out with the printers and. I mean basically I remember when I was is that and a local outlet knowledge right here they really care about at all. And have you got any indication that there's somebody else think text messages on his phone snapshot photos or anything like. No matter what my girlfriend who is married to a guy in any the end he told me when they are dating she could always how it came on trial here on appointment if you don't do. If he got. Okay so this guy messed around on her more than once. Yeah out of the trailer after arranged other. Eventually they got married in this together today but I just can't help stop thinking embellish time. About if he acts differing it means he messed around and employment. Well let's see what happens that we offer in these three roses dissent anybody wants no no matter what though remember to wait till he fills out the card that we're gonna do that yet okay. OK I time that you questions we ask everywhere the wrist is artistic question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Yeah. Okay and question two how certain are you that when he gets cease free flowers he's gonna take you to send them jail. I'm gonna show pretty stupid if he does not take. Well trusting god is stupid is he's got to feel so let's find out. I. A. Good morning and kind is it that attorneys and he's. There's talk us through this. Good morning time it's my name's Ashley and kind of Grammy Branyan slow delivery service called flawed design fat content are you today. You know I'm great thank you for asking. That Chris reason I'm calling is to ask if you've ever heard of our company before. So have you heard about flood designs that come and what we deal. I don't think so. Well where Amy if our company and graduated basically order flowers we appreciate the Latin. And no more going into a flower shop placing your order in paying cash transfer seemed a delivery. And this week are actually running a commission to spread the word out about ourselves where users who we're in the military. It ease our surveys are one time only track absolutely free. Is there anybody like this and simply flowers to. And com. Yes a delicious sort of military personnel street and in Washington. Stretching is yes just paramilitary and as you know it's a pretty big sales market. There are hoping leaking kind of corner in the military demographic with this offer only EG daily just tried out. Feel like let me be ill considered downloading our app and using ST in each and to dealing give that a try. Yeah assure ourselves and don't appreciate that the. No problem. Thank you for your service so what we're gonna deal for your reach rallies and ABK of gorgeous red residents to anyone you want. Now would you like us to send these racy T today. And I homes. Each you can send them to. Some slight doubt of whether we're at and at their house. It can be where every talents to him. Look at. Yeah Christmas and then to. Nikki and and you can now alone. I only get litigious our. Before we get that they're flat are they actually come with a card as well. So what he wanted to put on the card they can say anything you want as long as it's under a 180 characters. I'll correct. Yes I say. I know how hard this is only to sort of in a few weeks. It's gonna be mean that's sort of here ST. It was T. And like as in the share price. Now I'm on our society. I mean site peace. Well okay looking at at so say you're her sag peace. Well actually each other sort pieces you know honestly. Well. Yeah that you'd like what are you go on without. Okay. No actually everything. I think you have to pinch either one problems you right out. Hey Tommy skirt. I. Thomas listen no this isn't really a flower can be this is actually easy morning zoo radio show and right now you're I think that we do out of a program called war of the roses your girlfriend Carla has been listening the whole time. So do you want to early in the week. Explain. What what I don't activity you want to explain why you and some of it. And the assistant and I did so. Sort or so. OK so that the fact is that varsity sneaky girl in San Carlo that was a joke. Yes. So coming in with nick you know deployed together we. Sergeant every day and then I would joke around like does not let you look to get recruited. Yeah. And nothing happened we talk about who'll look at how we gonna do something. And that's even on the car and out Alex hard on you. I'm going to be hard on you in a couple weeks and wouldn't that mean. Almonte each has not saying it was a joke he has. The a. But so what Amitabh missile worked Joker doesn't mean I showed. That. I'm crunch. And then I have run. Eat my. Bet. Yeah. News Laura do.