WOTR Chelsea Emily and the accidental snap

Friday, February 10th

Chelsea is SICK of this Emily girl flirting with her boyfriend! It all came to a boiling point when she sent him a pic on Snapchat...


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Supply. Loses a red violets are blue and when she won't lose and only two million. Choosy you love war of the roses. And it starts now. I sit courses are now I. Out we're helping eggshells see this morning the morning Chelsea high so we don't use very often but this is a girl on girl war of the roses. Let's start though with the boy who's involved tell us about Jeremy. Jeremy is my boyfriend. We've been together since last summer OK see you guys are solid. Yeah definitely until. Emily came along so who is Emily and how did she get into the picture. Yes so and believe we don't know she works with. I'm she came around like Christmas last year. OK so you said I'll see you would Jeremy worked together. We do wow that's tough you know they say don't do appear pain in the company ink you. Well yeah I mean we've never had any. Girls showed up okay so explain what's going on with annaly. Odd basically. I've noticed that she's a relief liberty with Jeremy. I'll machine recently went up this huge liking scurry on hitting the ground. I sometimes she's no holes like comments on various pictures it seemed like that. And let's not forget the snap chanting the bringing into this is what I wanted to ask actually about. Think it. So the other night we were out in Jeremy it gets notification via the chat we opened that and it the picture a bit and legal triangle complex he. I'm not gonna say it wide aspect because she's not sexy. She's had thirty hole personally news. Anyway it's your receipt sent this picture and then she sent other ones like a minute later you like. You. Currently without a little. Bit like it if you thought. Okay that's a mind especially about this morning so. At the woman we girls 1080 sexy pick like that and then follow it up with oops wrong brazen. She she's lying senior and exactly what she raising. She knew exactly. Shootings in the eighteen right but that's what I thought so there's no way she. Accidentally sends the wrong person panel. And share it hack things but this does not sound like an accidental at all. OK so Chelsea you said you wanted to put Emily to the test. Yeah okay. So what we're gonna do as a Gunner in the female version of for the roses honor this is we're actually pretends to be from Victoria secret any set of flowers she'll ask am leaves let's say anybody is sexy panty Graham okay. Protect aren't tied to the two questions we ask everywhere the resist partitioning question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Yeah I can't question too how certain are you only offered this pain any grand descending when she wants she's gonna Jeremy. Russia that are not here yeah well it is that on the off chance that she does though what is your next move. I'm gonna target Key Biscayne he has got about a much. To me as. Fight music here we go. Do. It. There is. Not my. Them good writing and calling this secret in and ease. On the mining mining is actually and calling from the permissions department at the priest he and Harry gained today. I don't I'm Harry. Things are asking. The reason I'm calling is because I had great news preempt. Every sales quarters we John I a few hundred names of people in our customer database. Any names we pay the opportunity to try out some never new products before they even hit champs. And happy to say that you're always one of our winners. OK got it you are absolutely right inner and nothing. You would test how one of our new XI am's and it's not gonna cost you any pain we just need your feedback at all. Right now there are looking at let me tell you a little bit about I and you're going to be testing for. I think he its conduct he asked pulling teeth and and the way it works is you pick a lucky guy in your life and we send him an actual parent a lace panties but this little net attached it. So it's like singing someone appears tired and it's me sexy and it can say what every you weren't. I've seen things from Stephen sweet an art thinks her last night literally anything you want. Got to. Really hit it fair for. That was actually very bad idea of friends take you wanna track. There and I. At I have to fill out in Paris where first of all let's start with the color. Look at it any dealings and we have Brad last. Learn. Definitely. An Arab east and lose them. I really mean yes this name is find him. Let's send it share it share. That actress from me in second the first. To put on the card that comes. And cash. This. Coaching is I don't know what separates. Us any thing you know I bet Andy you wanna be you know kind of sexy Iranian. Most people think something sect's yearning yeah. Okay. OK put this down. I was thinking about it day and I got so excited that I had to take these costs. And our. Yeah. Brown okay were they blind fury of the water and I'm here why don't you. Hockey team is Graham who OK. Let me. I advocate now if you let every little bit and Google. Yeah. See paint what we. Just. Wasn't good Larry yeah yeah. Yeah. Kate and lead this is in Victoria's Secret this is actually busy morning zoo and right now you're on war of the roses that other place that you're hearing. Is Chelsea Giuliani's girlfriend she's actually been listening this whole time. I. I'm kind. So is this awkward for you guys at work now Chelsea. You know not really I mean it actually be awkward for me implying she knows you and opera but don't want to turn her. It's. Yeah.