WOTR: Claire and the Not So Good Friend Stacey

Friday, July 13th

Claire has FINALLY found a decent guy...but now she has to worry about her own friend going behind her back to steal him???

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I lose is a red start on Wednesday mornings and call your man. Choose and war of the roses is. Is one of the time and it starts now we welcome moyers is you morning zoo home alone and usually not my mission already. It is so weird. The test for you today we are calling my friend Casey. So now I sort of in the loop on all this because we've been emailing each and they've been telling everybody else what's been going on. While he's in dating a guy named Chris and see you gave a thumbs. And yeah apparently kind of good balance since the perfect guy. Right and now you are not in a relationship yet we stressed yet. But I'm hoping. OK so you and Chris still an awareness Stacy come in. So eighteen supposed to be one of my friend lives and I don't doubt that somebody else. And I promised I wouldn't reveal she is. She told me that they he had been going after Chris and Mike. And you decent specific examples senior email gas pump fluid when Chris went to Busch Gardens a couple weeks and ago. You posted on incident about it so I guess they beat me over there and just happens to write in your hand there. She said in this whole day the whole lot around him. Yeah that's the only time she's done that's correct no she also. Ended up as a raffle macho and snuck into the section he lives and. Anderson that her seat with a wonderful right behind him what a coincidence. That the actual people who had those he beat. Showed up at Nate Hartley. Desperate did you dance. I know right in thinking. And desperate to. I texted her and I like that and know that Christian tired eating right and you know I'm happy. And so I wanted to write back waters so happy can you please stay the hell week on him. OK so basically she's doing the friend thing do your face but secretly trying to stab you in the back. And that's what I mean she's doing so I'm not I'm not sure so so Archie in addition he injected into. Oh you don't believe her honesty I'm not sure I don't know what simple but it just what this isn't it she's been doing. If we run the old war of the roses panty Grammy edition thing on her and she picks a totally different dude not Chris we feel better. It will all OK then let's do that so what we're gonna do as well offers DC a free anti grand. Says she gets an English she wants and then you're gonna hear who she takes and what she puts on the card okay. I all right time for the two questions we ask every war of the roses Purdue is in question one are you sure you want all of this on the year. All right and question two how certain are you that if we offers DC this repay any Graham that she's gonna pick your main Christie giving TO. I don't know but if she doesn't know at least I got the fruit and she can't lie about it. Yeah that's that's a good point OK let's find out. Yeah. Opt. Well. Good morning and kind of speech they Stacey. Please. Pit mining Stacy my name's Ashley and crying from the permissions department at Victoria's Secret Harry eating at. I and gray looks at their recent Colleen is because I knew this he had and nothing VS points on your account for a free gift. And I wasn't sure if anybody had called you after. Well yeah and I had a points program is something we just started this year and it's kind of like a reward system for our customers. If you have a few minutes I can tell you about your free gift if you like. I. Protect its content did he ask plenty Korean and here's how it works had you ever had since I'm gonna post card before. And this sort and works the same way only it's a super sexy traced on that idea. So bluntly deer is sending special Kyle you're laying in real pair of police beanie in the mail any camera and you are attached and you get to put what every one on the net. Says immediately trained it's apparent that saying can we print this weekend. Or thanks for the last 98 or even just thinking about you right now. All while watching it won't show. While the depth printed on the can't you don't. Well noted it's actually own a card that's attached to them. Oh okay yeah. So recruited maegashira. That part is totally up to you you tell us who you want us to send them to you and what you want us to put on the card. And you know we take care of all the cost it's completely free free him. Oh. Save money get that it track. If basically active a few things here at first at all what kind of PNET one ST sang we have red and black are keen. Red paint on you me singing means the red bikinis to him. Go home and well daughter. Oh well. Trailer and check back. And in Tikrit. And. Chris okay. And what you want a card to see that comes with them they can play anything you want as long as it's under a hundred needy characters. I wish you can't. For. Hoping and thinking. Along. And are and about what if that's. They eat but no no no I. He would overdo it already Craig and I are dating state I ask you might lead to wrest back. Okay let's clean. He's Stacy Lewis and now this is it really Victoria's Secret this is actually busy mornings you radio show on the final four and right now you're on war of the roses. People who came. So Clare S is completed the task at I guess she thinks you're going after Chris behind her back. Even though you told there that you weren't. So I am grateful that. Yeah you've skin hey you and line here. I never said that I like his interest in hand OK I like template that I would have to Wear here I think Pratt. You know or in the hell alone okay well. The last person I'd pack. You what do you have everything your finger okay they'll get. Wouldn't imprisoning me. Because I'm not afraid to do things that are just learning your partner was he does when he you're my girl don't get. OK. So I see I thought you Nina years. Walking him or just acting like a hole like around him and he noted that the war's outcome and no it. Out smoking and giving him. Yeah. Are you. Eight and that would end a game maybe you should add environment and advocate any of that stuff and I I well I. An important I don't Richards thanks. Morning's news or it's.