WOTR: Connor, Kim, and the Little "Accident"

Friday, May 18th

One of the weirdest endings EVER for a WOTR...especially because of what message was left on the card!

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Roses are red violets are blue and when she mourns and human. Better choosy you. Here's what I am and it starts now this week on whether his company duty fact duties Connor. Hello god there go sell more we've put into the test for you today with testicular girlfriend Kim. Okay and why are we putting Kim to the test for you today. Sudden I don't always trust her well. It's a relationship is already off to a healthy start so thank you say you don't trust her as they've been cheating in this relationship divorce would. Now some so rarely used. It's mostly. Because we're job that I know tester. She's a waitress and this year girl. She's around drunk guys. OK guys. And she work after one in Norfolk and Hampton. Born OK so she works is a shooter girl probably has to address real sexy and the exit she's around drunk guys all the time. Yeah. Yeah I'm not around all the time so this wasn't Dawkins. I don't know about. She worked over their sometimes right. I mean I was an eye shooter girl he's finishing plant Nyhan and believe what would you say that you got hit on a lot would you get flirted with. Funny sometimes that don't usually Kyle is it me send those guys thank. Obviously took a hand yeah yeah give the other thing is and we gotta keep his or you didn't have to use your personality. To sell drinks yeah I didn't. Our solicit Connor here's what we're gonna deal were getting called cam opt and that actually will teller she won a free anti Graham from Victoria's Secret and she consented to any guy she wants to okay. You're gonna hear who she chooses. And what she puts on the card sound good. Sure okay then let's turn on the U questions we ask everywhere there is participate question one are you sure you want all this on the year. You are okay and question to you how certain are you that when we offer these free than any grams you can choose you descended TO. As I mean. I really don't know. I guess Mercer about it I wouldn't be doing this. Yeah good point OK we'll stand by let's find out. And. I. Good morning and I speak liked him off please. I can't imagine actually I'm calling from their promotional department at Victoria's Secret Harry eating at. Thank you. And and asking. I'm not sure if nearly air balls that this year we start an eight week program that victory cica. And my job is to let customers milk when you've reached enough planes brace freak act and you definitely don't have enough right now has anyone caught yet. I level. I have no idea. Well if you actually I use our app it's seconds to Italian that we had a few bugs they pay recently. Anyways and let me tell you what you blocked. Tell it's clunky and he asked Lindsey Graham and it's basically a really sexy way to get that special guy like thinking about. I have never sit like a postcard before. I don't. I don't think I have I mean I know how they work. Almost postcards are boring. Usually like a picture of a bird around lighthouse or champagne let medio with the baby grand is we send a special guy near LA and real pair of waste Guinea's. And there's a loan that attacks so you get to write what ever you want on the man can say something like and her last night or. Italy to this week and Brad you're seeking admire what ever you want. And then he gets a special package in the mail and he's got you on his mind for the rest of the day sound then. Yeah I mean at some supplemental. Like I said you equality for a free one said he when I tried out. If Ers have to fill out a couple things here what color in he's would you like Estes and we have red and black or team. A little while OK and you would you like to see in the appeased him Justine name. And her name is Connor. COM MOR. And I think it is and. Okay and what would you like to put on the card that comes with an. What electric let's put up. Actually they are just examples you can paint anyone on your card it can be any sense I see ill or you can get married dirty red. Planning. I think our our identity upon it EU. Click our own. Have a little accident in the shell I. I attendance he. I had that. I I had me so he said why. Josh I can sit Israeli. I had a little accidents. In the show I thought I would turn them years. I had an accent and so I apply I would say niece Tia. Seeing right company back on its side and I'm really confused. Oh I don't know. Comparable and second please. All of the. If he's in the woods she's. Asked a federal. It look like let's get Connor Connor she's saying you would know what she's talking about you wanna explain this for us. I mean I don't know what she means and I've got let's pick. Yeah I she deftly picked you already is six out of club. Morning's news war of the roses.