WOTR Corey and Melissa and the new apartment

Friday, May 26th

Corey loves his girlfriend Melissa, but ever since she got her own place she's changed. She seems more angry, and less interested in being a couple. Corey thinks there's ANOTHER reason, and she's not telling him what that is...


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He loses a red violets are blue and when she won't lose and how is your man. It shows you love toward the roses is changing. And and it starts now. I was an assistant we're helping to nude and I knew his scoring category itself. Would bring your girlfriend and fast today. Yeah and what is her name. Her influence OK and now all this is because it's something you know the girl told you right. Yeah pretty much. Unable to artists fighting about a month or so ago right around a timely got her apartment. I'm used to live where at least 200 chicks she decided you wanted to have our own place there's no doubt. And right about that irons for some reason she started changing. And changing and since. You know I ask Gigi she became a lot towards the end of we would argue more about it up her attitude out whereas I once I got this huge fight ever at least as you know let me know what look you're unhappy there why aren't you just break was being. Her. And using play because she used to live with right. Yeah I did I aspirin and current water I had and Wagner turning all the way dead and that girl bites. I hated by it I'm everything that's what she wants you did great outlet hers that was eagle on. News. Back he yes she acts terrible UNC. Basically break up with her and then she looks like a sad pathetic victim and you look like the jerk. Yeah I guess that's kind of what you're saying yeah as you know that got me thinking you know if she wants to create jobs. I wondered this is either that you want to break up. Full glory when you is hard to get there before. Did you ever remember arguing like yes. Now no seriously like never we we were we never thought it literally. July until she got her own slaves and yeah I mean I don't know that had anything actually due within. Yeah well what are we find out so you know will we can caller will run the female version of for the roses on this one ration pretends to be from Victoria's Secret. And we offer her panty granderson any when she wants cell. Listen if he picks somebody else you know we're gonna find out really quick so let's usually takes the scene she puts on the card okay. All right time for the do you questions we ask everywhere there is purchasing question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. My question to how certain are either when she gets this pain any grand sentiments she's gonna take you descended GO. Everyday debit it just handle kind of blew it okay. Let's find out. Am happy. I. I. Why I'm calling you speak to and please. I'll send my name's actually I'm calling from the Victoria secret permissions department Harry today. I'm great thank you for asking. Said the recent. I'm calling is I had some good use your name is actually chosen as one of our winners for the month of may an hour try it a point made by contacts. Which means if you want to participate you're gonna get the opportunity to test out some of our brain new merchandise before it even hits store shelves. I. Definitely see areas. I remember enjoying it and can't act. Actually what we do is be drowned reined in names from our customer database. Every few months is customers are chosen as our winners and big smile and your name was chased. Senator that your little widow. And I. You'd like to test out what a night Avery new items its carbon acts anti tram now do you any here a little about it. He said that any Grammy sort of like sending someone a postcard. But instead a boring old picture of like a light house or a son senator Byrd's or something. He's in an actual pair of lace panties with a little note attached to it. So it's your sex your mind their tent packed special person in your life by your thinking on them. Still for example let's say you have the big date coming up for something with her boyfriend. It gets and campaigning and that says something like really looking toward Friday. Or maybe if you're me any do you could send it here has been network within it that says eat tonight when you get home. Things like that said he wanted to give that a try it's totally free. It. So the first thing we know is what kind of NET one Estes and BM ran black or repeat. Let's go through way. It. Irate and you would you like to send your pink and teal. Salute. To. Well lit. Red channel. And. And okay. And now for the fun part what message do you wanna sit in on the net that comes with that. A lot of courage. Pretty charming. Person rule router can go out. Cinderella. No they don't. Like. Children. And I. Isn't. Anybody candidate can look at our great. Yeah most girl on an account already apple is in today. Cinderella that your boyfriend. No fool will mind this story he's returning I guess I'm an actor I hear only what. In the us. OK that's enough. In this era this isn't really Victoria's Secret is actually busy mornings he radio show and he went off for. And right now you're on war of the roses your boyfriend Cory why is simply needed to test to see you would send him the pay any grand. He created the one explained that the other guy is. Thought. We know it's not politically. And go without me. The world Motley heat but you're basically eating up all the then. Don't. Laugh. Let me make immediately understand. Are you sleeping with a guy. I mean. Actually I don't know where all of my fitness. And light rain. And my business. Which knocked our I wonder what I'm pretty much gonna do I wanna take my bit this to somebody else. Probably year old roommate that he is the only one it is air route anymore. Action. We don't need your help right now. Sleeping with two guys. And now eager and it caught a little well. You know what an umbrella you go up and it got out front has yet done. And you know those are actually originally lecture. On the tag team and listen to the same where we need to hang up on Harrelson going to country it is noted. Now you can do everything happened in Iran announce. Morning news or we'll. Hello.