WOTR Courtney, Jake the Ex, and the one night fling

Friday, January 19th

Courtney had a one-night fling with her ex Jake on New Year's Eve. But is there a chance that it was MORE than that?


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I lose is a red violets are blue on Wednesday morning zoo owners who had better choose you. And it's Dicey that. And misery we are helping coordinate hello Courtney you want me so this war of the roses involves a when you're not even in a relationship with but you used to be. And so let's talk about G tell everybody who G-8 kids. So it is just an accent I'm from college and we haven't seen each other and a couple of years that it ran into him I'm new years eve over at water science and we ended up spending the night together. OK and just to be clear when you say you spent the night together you mean you. TE yeah we have that. So in addition to all right New Year's Day you got to wake up with a side of regret as well. Oh. Really I mean we hung out most of the day on New Year's thing and I just can't Ali the old days but actually had a really hangs. Okay but here's where the wrinkles all this comes in Jake has a girlfriend. Yeah well yeah. Apparently it paper about the current. So no problem. And well here's a problem and British not really sure they actually broke out or is bigger appetite. OK so when you suck with the hot New Year's Eve. Did you sleep with him knowing in the back of your mind that he was in a relationship all right. I mean we talked about it but it. She told me he wasn't. Old. Police. Now it's just cash and a huge alumni patient about all night. Cheney. Agent mean back all the old feelings from acting. And I'm kind of wondering if I just great to holding hospital when they handled or inspiration is to try to get back and them. OK okay so war of the roses here's can reveal the truth either good or bad and help you make that decision. It okay. So let's call Jake the snake here and offered him a dozen rose is that he can send anyone he wants an in your gonna need to hear who he chooses and what he puts on the card okay. All right time for the two questions we ask everywhere the worst is participant question one are you sure you want oldest on the air. All right and question to you how certain are you that would be given these free roses to send to somebody's gonna pay you to send them to go. Some meaning. I don't know snakes ate at a pretty examine my decision at all sure of course OK let's find out. It. Up. Up. And kind of speak to Jacob get straight please. Well good morning Jake my name's Ashley and calling from a brain you slower delivery service cut the designs that kind Harry today. Jerry. Thanks for asking says the reason I'm calling me this morning is to ask if you've ever heard of our company or what we deal adhere to flags friends that come. The well basically we're Emil online flower shop and allow as he to order fire is with the permission of the black and says no my driving tour flower shop hoping they how badly you want in stock or ten weeks electric delivery. And right now we're offering a special New Year's deal are only percent passer as we can send a dozen residents to anybody want absolutely pre. Today is there anybody like to surprise to be raising its. Two totally different. Yep it's totally free in fact I won't even take any credit card in the front mile or anything like that. Like I said it's just to introduce you to our company mean it's kinda like a free trial type of thing. All I really do it. Take an infinitely detainee from me is the name of the person will be singing these three resist him. Also. OK. Even send them anywhere. Yet we can literally send anywhere in the United States. OK well then let her and dumped who he later. Is gonna come with that card so what would you like to put on the card that comes with that. It can be any message you want as long as it's under a 180 characters. OK okay it without any clear despite is officially over I mean you know taking. Sweet roses are good way to end a fight. Yeah they're calling you anyway it wouldn't really matter. What and when you contrary gonna mention at least left of their last week. How low snap and you cannot your girlfriend are you gonna tell us slept together. According so yeah I it need. How are you available right now. He Jake that this isn't really a flower show this is busy morning zoo radio show and he went before and right now Europe on the war of the roses. I'm Courtney calls because she wanted to see who you would send removes his tail and I guess you picture girl. I'm into my daughter. I don't villages that when they came race bait you know it yeah hello what happened on New Year's Eve gave. Katie Hanley giddy about whether she deserves an out. Who are not really country in her. Now many of it and between me and you and her chateau. Well I would worry about it though doing so. Oh really well why is fight and out they eat it each other and you can bet that I was. On ABC news Laura rose.