WOTR Crystal and Terri the boyfriend stealing cousin

Thursday, June 22nd

Crystal asks for a rather unusual request...she wants the Zoo to put her OWN COUSIN to the test!!


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Roses are red so when this morning as soon as your man. And war of the roses yeah. And it starts now. Oz and this is we're helping crystal lake crystal and tell everybody so in one of the more. Kind usual twists in war of the roses history why you tell everybody who were pretty good test today. There might have been okay. Now for so this is a girl theory not a guy life and why are we putting your own cause into the test today. Iron because she met my boyfriend she's been trying his. He'll have a. See exactly this not a very family thing to do so what's your boyfriend's name. Name my car okay it's a humor your cousin teary and how long ago was this a while ago. Chris. OK but now you think she's trying to steal him away. Why do you think that as well she snapped and I variation in spending and some pictures so I'm pretty sure it started out in. Right now this thing will happen over night it took awhile. Yeah pretty. Glad. Built on out OK and we you found out did you ask your boyfriend or did you talk to Michael about it. He and she's objection on that everything. Think that it texting I apologize but I don't believe it's okay so that you want us a call your cousin not your boyfriend the night. I think he's doing any acting. She's the one who joins acquired. OK well let's find out so here's old you'll run the female version war of the roses honor that's one where actually pretends to be from Victoria's Secret. Mobile offer up any grand descending when she wants. We'll see who she picks in what she puts on the cart okay. All right time for the few questions we ask everywhere the roses for it is a question one are you sure you want all of this on the year. And questions to how certain are you that when she gets this candy gram that she's gonna pick Michael descended TO. I don't know but I'm trying to find out OK well let's do let's find out right now. Yeah. Lighting and trying to speak to they carry all these. Just hear him lying canine teams actually and kind from the Victoria secret permissions department hired eating today. And an area. I'm great thanks for asking. Says the reason I'm calling games I had some good me screen here. Gainey was actually chosen as one of our winners for the month and Jean an hour try it before I think I contest. And what that means is if you want to participate. You're gonna get opera TD to test out some of our brain you merchandise before it hit store shelves. And it that they conduct an untrained. Actually what we dealings we draw reigned in names from our customer database and every few months is customers are choosing NASA are winners. And if none your name is chase and oh wait yeah I. Scott ES TNT crammed in it's sort of like sending someone appears tired but instead of a boring old picture. Like a bird or a light house her son sat Isa and then an actual parent at least peonies with little note attached. So it's inception reminder to a special person and light. Thank you thinking and again still pay for example you say into the gate coming up with your boyfriend he continues and a beanie ran. Ed said sounding like really looking for a today's Friday. Or maybe year Mary and he continued tear has the network and connect that same seat tonight when you get home. Take you like give that a try it's totally free. And data under very well. And yeah right. That's the part that's totally up to year sales. It depends on who you want to send a sexy teeny in tandem. You need you name break on it and us. I want and it you might quote. And now for the fun part what message do you want us to put on the news that comes with. And. To put down anything I cotton get. To. Give its. Coming get. I mean you. Knew you didn't he come into anything you already got a good back at home okay. Yeah. Yeah I don't worry about. Anything you don't worry more about keeping your own any. Trees. Yeah it. Com do you he'd go back and see Nixon who see in a rambling news hit the tricks no. Yeah I don't think I don't know about you Cindy's pictures but here's a guy. What you really be talking about right now. Don't pretty keen. You know exactly what I'm talking about. How do you handle me in my call alone how about how you're crazy okay and I'm not buying yet but Michael. Really what about the talking about our. Hole a really Hezbollah kidnapped Jack then shall meet. You know you call it that it disappear. Why did you eat you get back CDs out yeah. See you on that hole CM emails about you daddy you know. We don't know why ask about my daddy. He's not he. Hold on a second hole I think it lady's lady's let's try to remember aren't you families. Jerry this is busy morning zoo radio show on Z 104 and your honor I'll war of the roses right now. Yeah. Yeah. I guess made it here he is goal line and let crystal some things you said I mean don't you feel batter. I'd argue with your feeling like. She stayed away from my boy and a lot all could be I yeah. He can't meet again on a par on loan act. One BC news wall oracle rose.