WOTR: Denise, Haden, and the Roses Reversal

Friday, May 11th

Denise is putting her boyfriend Haden to the test, although what we find out in the end will make you wonder why it wasn't the other way around!

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He loses a red violets are blue on Wednesday morning Zune owners you and I. Choosy you are. Here's what I am and it's Dicey now. I believe that if you wondering about that whole saga from last week's board there is a slasher he invited all our. Are podcasting pages even afford dot com I'm Brad you wait for anyone other business and we say hey kid and he's paying Hank. How is your brother do now. Are we putting the test for you today. And my great friends pain and okay and how long have to do you being together. She is okay why are we putting Hayden to the test today. It's just because. I have lately it's been like she's at her age it's eerie. I don't know he is third and then just atoms to sending any comparisons. I'm like putting things together. And these trends and that's when it comes to us asking to get it he doesn't really seem so I'm thinking you know things. Armed and you think this might be because there's somebody else. Now I think maybe in his district is coming from thanks. OK so please organ deal we're gonna get Hayden a three dozen roses that he can send anyone he wants and you're gonna get here who he chooses and what he puts on the card okay. Yes okay time to the two questions we ask everywhere there was participant question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Our question to how certain are you that we offer Hayden these roses he's gonna take you to San Antonio. And I mean whether Timothy B bit canyons into this issue he's closer. Okay let's find out. Oh good I can kind of speak to heat in a please. My name's Ashley and calling from neighboring new floral delivery service console or designs dot com Harry today. Live. Area I'm great thank you for asking you sit there reason I'm calling his personal to ask if you've ever heard of our company before. Heavier to Florida signs dot com. You know. Okay well re bringing you company and re trying to change the way people order flat place. Instead of paying high prices that flower shops are extra costs for delivery now I can do it with the creation of a button from your fan. And to help introducing ourselves and customers like he'll actually writing these are service for absolutely free for one time only. So basically we can send a dozen gorgeous red reds this to anybody you want are absolutely pre. Is there anyone you know he might like to receive a dozen races from real. Yeah. My mom actually. I. Meet the right man skies would probably choose their golf trainers on a night their mom. Yeah although it's about your mother's case. I'm on the ice and Hermione exit trail well how IGS army why don't you let you send your mom of the tank. And then if you wind we can send an extra one to anybody else he aimed at my one son. It yet you yes to order a flat course. It's like. You don't have to pay for this excellent they're though it's free I just thought it was sweet that you remembered your moms and I'm just gonna make and a little bunnies get out is writing off. So so now who would you like the second camp flowers to detail conveniently Long Island. Yeah my grandma. Isn't fires at her I mean isn't there a special lady new life for any. I'm sorry I've never mind opinion it's during an in my business sorry he. I'm not a third I had the other Goldman's blood I found out about a month ago. You can send picture as a result another guy down. You know like bad pictures. Yeah. You pictures a little. I'm still sorry that. I'm still here I'm sorry I am not 12. Okay. Hey hey Denise. She's a she's addicted to do we lose. I mean I think we did anything I think she just found out that her boyfriend is about our little Nikkei since he panicked and hung up on my emotions you bleeding that's would have. A 100%. I mean I think she was you know taking your own nature pictures and she didn't know that he found out about it until now can I mean she did play. He was always angry around her he had EU wanna like spend time with her anymore Deanna I mean maybe it's 'cause she was necessary around and he knew about it. But he never like told her yeah if that was it I mean. Let let's have snagged try to get her back on the phone when we come back and we will hopefully be able to ask. What is news or it's.