WOTR: Erin and Luke and the Movie Mistake

Friday, April 20th

Here's a piece of advice guys: don't brag about seeing a movie in front of your wife, if it's a movie you went to see with another woman!!

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Question why did he lose his own red violets are blue and when Zune Zune owners you. Better choosy you. Here's one at a time and any stories you know it was Wednesday carried at all. I'm for another edition of war of the roses this week we. Oh so Laurie can be put into the test for you today. My husband okay and what is his name is playing Luke Luke OK so the whole reason we're putting it just because of a lie you caught him incorrect. Well it's similar a lot of things that buzz recently there's. Cotton a lot of it or something like that. OK so and but this had to do with the movie right. Yet we weren't bitter with the couple and there was talk about this man living a quiet place at how scary it was a liquid like ask well that's maybe the period and then insert talk about a particular scene you know that would wait. Even when did you do that duty could use certain statements he would be. And he looked kind of like. Who. I got here worked. Yeah I don't. Cook okay so he watched a bootleg but does not what you think. No I think you would not want to do with someone else and I think as well as well. T movie theaters are the best places to take affairs because the lights are off so nobody can see you link it offers a lot of anonymity. So but now there are other reasons as well you said right. Well I mean just like last minute calls for work thank you gotta go a few hours late urged a few hours like concurrently. Mean don't worry about dinner calls an athlete. Right gotcha so alright here's what we're gonna do we're gonna offer Luke a three dozen roses that he gets an and what he wants and your needs here who he picks and what he puts on the card okay. All right time for the Q question we ask everywhere there is purchasing question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Okay and question two how certain are you that we offer loop east pre release is to send to somebody how certain he's gonna you descend and TO. I don't OK we'll get to pursue any generally what percentage do you think it would be. I don't wanna do. OK Arnold we don't. I have to do this and it is not too late to some we haven't called anyone yet. And I just wanted to troops there I don't know it just delays. I want to find out. Okay what do it I mean if there's nothing going on and then you've really got nothing to worry about ranks but it's not TO. Forget but can't okay so we're definitely doing it yet okay Hayley. Oh. Mining and kind to speak with Elliott and please. Good morning my name's Ashley and I'm calling from neighboring new floral delivery service kind of flood designs dot com Harry today. I heard you don't. I'm asking said the reason I'm calling today in select email a little bit about our company log designs and what we deal. How often he thinks he ordered flowers. How often go to Yugoslav. Not not often I'm back and that guy you're looking all of this. That's actually very calming and Sarah Annie nobody has had time to finding years flower shop in Myanmar and if you send in my mind delivery fees are way to mix and says. A tire company was actually create mean there's no delivery fees and you can order flowers from the touch of a button on your fan how does that sound. A lot easier than it usually is yes that you got into you pretty well. That's the idea and how introduce ourselves to yield what I can do is our free year and one time only. You send our service for absolutely free it's kind of like a free sample where you don't have to pay any pain. Any don't even have to use this again if you don't want to the leaking that you're going to be so happy that acts that he'll give that a try so what he sang you nice and somebody's increased Larry's today it's totally on us. There's no like. Well no gimmick here just like an introductory things. Exactly and like I said it's completely train. Save money get that attract. I mean look you need a credit card number or anything out I'm in now I'm not. They only into that I do you need from you is in all of that person that he'd like Ecstasy and these gorgeous red resist him. You think their little. This if you like it in the Q and I'm. Looking forward to very immature and. It's a dozen red residents there being you remain intact. Well what I sit down aren't as such usually anywhere else. I mean big trouble she can't understand is somebody else they gallium let's look on life. Actually that's another thing about a company we're very discreetly without orders so nobody finds out who the flowers are from unless he won and tail. Now. Like to change stink bomb. You back if you like not a receipt to the house like at all that it expressed its that would go to got a liver or anything like that. Never know it takes years and nothing like app. Okay you know. That play it safe here on the topic of the original plan if that's my wife's name is airing our eye and then I was in my name. OK I'd make the card as well so what would you like to put on the card. The Europe or anything. They share. I mean it's free and comes with a flat irons. Now. Okay now those aren't buying it is not a lot of people. Okay well I can keep that actress for me in just one sack in Kenya hang on for me real quick. Yeah. I want money. Okay so well I guess it's good news here and I mean he chose you to send the flowers to. Yes but did you hear the way that it I don't think even wanted to get the obvious to me. Gas I'm like owners and it sounded to me like he wanted to take somebody else that and he was afraid he is gunning client. Is that kind of what you thought errant. Yet I put some like to me. We don't miss a zillion times when guys are cheating there's usually a definite name and person these and these flowers tail and they don't even seem to care about getting caught but ideally he would have said they need. And they said he wanted to play stateside and everything he's cheating. Our let's get some opinions here on EU given listening there as it is this guy who for the record did the right thing and shows his life. Is this guy cheating or do you think he's just a typical married guy who may be isn't super excited about his marriage but that doesn't mean he's not like he'll. Text us your opinions advice and what before you can call us even better if you want seven 4731045. Jews born the rose.