WOTR: Hailey and Andrew the Coworker

Friday, March 16th

They SAY you should "never dip your pen in the company ink..." Hailey is about to learn this lesson the HARD way...


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Lowe's is a red violets are blue when Zune Zune owners who can't. Choosy you love war of the roses. I'm an ace dice and our industry we are helping out Haley hello Hillary hello so we're getting pretty good test for you today. We're going to be calling and just OK and who always injury. Well. And plus coworker of mine who gets secretly started eating right after a gallon tank. Got you so. You obviously don't believe in the whole foods don't do you appear pain in the company being cruel. Don't we heard it first and then I can't attend featured challenging eight and. In the he would like neither should go out so we did so long and once he started eating we need the agreement to keep it secret because. Opposite like all I've got to be people and boy did they loved it. Yeah well again right most offices are. Yeah and are you really bad. We both agreed that didn't want even eight and everybody started spreading rumors out there will be kept hoping it credit from everybody else that works. OK so why are we putting candy to the test and things. Not going so well lately here. Should yield on our lap due date. But when I started eating what I give an experiment with it we even like each other like that. And after we really sweet kid it was super intense. And now we're just back the light and a man. Do you think the thrill is gone in the the new car smell wore off or do you think there's somebody else. Well that's what I need to now convicted chef he's not interesting anymore and that's fine. And many else and I need to stop sleeping. You put that might be your right it makes sense okay so let's put injury to the test here what we're gonna do is an offer him a free dozen roses that he gets in any when he wants. And then you're gonna get to hear who he chooses and what he puts on the card okay. All right time for the U questions we ask everywhere the rose is artistic question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Our question to how certain are you and offering these roses he's gonna pay you descend into and not somebody else. Well it can get somebody else I'm gonna be pretty. Especially at that somebody from work. Oh my god what if what if that's it what it. What is his MO is like to just go around it could differ guerrilla work for a few weeks and then move line. Then. I'm gonna feel pretty stupid. OK well let's find out. Up. So I hope. And trying to speak to injure and to these. This danger. And and you my name's Ashley I'm calling from a brain mile floral delivery service cost floral designs dot com Harry today. Armageddon Harriet. I'm asking. Says that even recent and Karl is personal to ask if you've ever heard of our company before and have you ever heard as Florida's ranks I come. Actually I got out. Actually trying to get more people to learn about our surveys. So we have this offer over running right now where customers like you can send free raise this to anyone you want absolutely free. It's game one time deal that you won't have to pay in time for him is that telling sending you like to try. So let me just take a guess here you guys are gonna give you flowers is an. As you wanna send them to you and I end up not taking my way she'd actually listening right now. Is how this works. Is that who you want to send the flowers to. My right. Yet your wife. Well I'd better lately she's listening to this right. And yeah. Yeah yeah yeah so tell me you know. So Haley Haley you had no idea he was married. I know what I do and I would already marry. I don't know so some people just like the thrill of the office affair scenario you know. And yet you seem to like it a lot. Morning's news it's.