WOTR: Hailey, Chris, and the Real Reason for the Breakup

Friday, June 8th

Hailey and Chris recently broke up. HE said they just needed "time apart" to "better appreciate what we have..." but she thinks the REAL reason is much different...

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Here's one at a time and any starts now nor have always remind you you can your old. Where there is his hand also a dirty word when this stuff online as you report icon if you feel like if I let's welcome haley's in the show the so normally when we do this we're putting someone's boyfriend test or maybe even their husband but this involves your ex correct yeah. Okay and what is his name. It. Okay now this breakup is still pretty fresh right and yeah. Actually out. Okay and before you broke up how long you guys in a relationship. King years. So let's get to why you broken because that's a big part of why we're doing that's why did you break out. Okay so we broke up to create that's needed to experience it depends a little I act we can appreciate what we aptly. We were fighting a lot over you know stupid stop and he said in the letter to break we need each other more and it would make you better than we've got back together. OK rich of Giuliani sounds like actual sound advice but you don't want. Any of that. You know I know. They act like you learned a great. Okay what you think is going on. I think you inject it. End run around that somebody's been planning to get my eye out. OK see you think there's somebody else maybe you want to cheat on you so he suggests this breakup and then while you're on a break he go and find out what's behind door number tale. Oh okay so this should be a good way to find out I mean if there's somebody else you'll definitely know after this is over so what we're gonna do is will call Chris off from a dozen roses and he can send any when he wants. You're getting kids here who he chooses and what he puts on the card okay. All right time for the few questions we ask everywhere there was participate question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Yeah all right and question two how certain are you that only offering these free roses he's gonna choose you descend until I'm not somebody else. No I am totally not sure at all really ER I mean I'm hoping you know anybody. Anybody at all sure Jimmy he says something like it's not a good time for me or just given to my mom or something like that. Yeah I would actually made me feel a lot better OK let's find out. Womb. A. Hello. Good morning I'm playing is he Ted Chris and he's. Chris good morning thanks my name's Ashley and calling from me bring you slow delivery service. Our go to Asia and thank you for asking it give reason I'm calling to ask you how often you think you order for Alex. Home and hardly ever. To factor it just made just structure break up stroke probably and not very frequently. And now I can say sorry to hear that. Parent. Send your efforts increase tax and maybe he'll make you feel a little pattern we did not a new app that lets you ordered flowers for summer and I skipping a flower shop and Miller pain breaks into an online delivery ease. Plenty to get the whole thing right premier Phan and and because I as a pat field is so we can get them. I can write. Is there anybody you know you're actor received some beautiful race is trimming you can't attack in question anything. Totally Sherry. Yeah I promise I mean my jab is just to get people to use our surveys and then maybe the next time you need to order flat ways the examiner happy news is again. That and then. Red shirt. Yeah. It felt like I said it's totally freeze or an act and take any credit card information and you ain't paying that the only thing I do need I mean is the name of the person that he'd like in these prisons you know. There. Being. That show shown them which you Malaysia. And here. Ex girlfriend. I mean law now I. Hoping that'll be my new Beltran something. You don't we don't. Believe we need it I don't I. Our goal. Name did you wait you don't lean not being new would you. Oh are you push crude oil normally Chris. Yeah change current hey listen this is not really a flower company may have figured this out this is busy morning zeal and have right now you're at Cigna we doing a show called for the roses. That was Hayley you've heard talking just now she. Passes at least in the testing she's actually been listening the whole time. No smell like you in any way like not not yeah its it's got dirty song. You like your little fun they see you add add New Year's you don't want to scenario. You guys talk while I told me everything he's not going to be you know back again. Well while. There is coming together and politicians sat together it is. Struck the other like Sri time. And why. Didn't you didn't wait you'd ever called word I'd like you how well. She's dead and how Colette I don't know there. Sox competent who heard it you don't you'd think she'd get it now. Who's more to lose.