WOTR Holly,Clay,and the Super Hot Neighbor

Friday, September 22nd

Holly is worried because her boyfriend Clay just got a hot new neighbor across the hall...which could mean trouble!


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Those who saw or read. Our when she won't lose and you can. Choose. Many starts now. Our remind you that old episodes for the roses and half months scans and Jerry were lenses are all I'm her I'm guessing pages you afford dot com things even that eight you're welcome. And palace welcome Colleen to show up. Hey I've still really putting your boyfriend to the test today. And what's his name. It's plain it's clay so clearly clay like modeling clay. And that's a good good. I now because of what happened last week. Before we even started yet so I feel the need to ask you up front you are serious about going through with this correct. Yeah I I heard last week and is that not. Okay so why are we cling to these tests and OK so he if he started building and couple weeks without asking neighbors across all. On which are single mom and kids. And I do need to get along with Andy has he does a kid he's like I figured out there right away that you had to order a video game out. Think he got that okay so what was the problem. At the problem is the mom. Or at least smoking high and yeah he is wearing me out like opposite of its program. Bell says she looks hot in real life then Seattle got. OK so it's not the teacher is not to get your read about it's the month. Yeah but. He had an advocate or explain it in and I got my act but it. But had to go over and he's their hate out here at an. Okay does a body that she feels comfortable around here or that she's super hot. I mean at that time it calls the other and it's coming over there when I'm not hair. Yeah. Loved kids though I am really happy kids and our overall but I had an accident have a deeper hop on. Right across the hall RA. I am not ever come where when the kids are around lake had the average teen then to get there without McCain's. I'm. So why fight it it didn't I showed up he said he's going to purchase if it fell. I don't know 88 hours of therapy but at the ballot I had to. Okay it did but the temptation. Is that your boyfriend's got a built in family with a super hot mom's sitting right across the hallway. And you think maybe his mind may be more and then lately than nine Yale. OK well let's put clay to the test here with us and Wear the roses now as you know we're gonna offer clay a dozen roses he gets and anybody wants. You're going to hear who he picks and what he puts on the card and you say you are sure you wanna go to a tennis. I share. Because we have another review last week I honestly think people trying to cars all of them there was great subtle you know are you sure you wanna. Okay and when clay gets these flowers to send to someone how assure you that he's gonna pick you and not somebody else. And hope old black and how to register. That's honest let's find out. Am happy. That. And range and kind speech like clay and east. My name's actually in and calling for me bring you floral delivery serie a scuffle designs that contrary each day. Or area. And I think asking. Sarah anyways that reason I'm calling is to ask if you've ever heard of our company before or what medium. And had you rat learn science. And now not really and that you do something with flowers. That's exactly what we dare laying and flag company that LSD to basically order flowers that the pushing them and snow no more learning to love our shot. Placing your order paint stripper seemed a delivery. And this week. We're actually running a permission to spread the word about ourselves. Where visa and MasterCard users gay teens are service are one time only frat absolutely free. So is there anybody you'd like to send him beef I still. Maybe I am honestly I am right now on some kind of did it go. The good news is that it's totally free and I can have you done in less than ninety seconds I promise you could really make someone's day. I regret I didn't what. All we need to know I'll see you would like to see anything you can't remain to Gregg raises tale. Thank you CNN us. It Erica yeah. Eric. Only needs to markings just an act trance and what you want to put on the card so let's start with the card let message. I would Jeanne would you put down. An attack here has been really hard. But don't worry me. Because he got me now and I go anywhere. You mean exactly. Do you explain that to be pretty. Actually elect. Do you explain why it that I thought what you think your girlfriend at what you need I'll be at your girlfriend and I really like to know. They would let it or not air it they play. I'll listen this isn't really apply our committee this is actually a busy morning Z radio show and now right now you're on a signal would you call war of the roses. So how he asks us to put you to the task because I think she felt. Like you and your new neighbor we're getting a little too closely link I'm assuming none. This is Erica your name yeah. And I don't think so. I think you know noted. No I'm not like speaking notice. And are we urge that branch what you really that divorce she caught her husband's eating lately. He basically left them on their own and you may need them in a quick break Sri flowered here era. Okay if that's what you've you mean now and I ain't going anywhere like I I don't understand that need it right. I have right our policy. Now. I. Don't look at creek a lot of respect. Does he does nor did we know what I mean we do. All done now. The question. Yeah when you're going over I felt and and you have to see. Overt. I don't know idea they they would tell you there's nothing to be worried about. You guys real quick as I knew you wanna talk this outs on the simply viewed together in a private line on years to just hang on for 12. OK so they're both on hold right now and didn't they cannot serious question do you believe you are now. I don't believe him like I have a little inkling in fact I mean that's like. Think 75%. Believing him 75 yes I'm having sent me I percent monopoly and chance. Okay all. If you're listening right now. Anyone attacks tests are very curious about this do you believe everything he certainly does nothing going on he's just trying to be nice guy and the hole you got me now being just hey I'm across all of you ever need me. It just as friends. Do you believe him do you now believe him tax cuts 757104. And that is now you can call if you want calls at 473 with a four point.