WOTR Jen and Cameron the boyfriend on tinder

Friday, October 27th

If Jen's boyfriend Cameron is committed to the relationship, then why is his profile still up on Tinder? Hmm...


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I lose is a red violets are blue on Wednesday morning and you man. She was you love war and who knows isn't. And it starts now. I don't really get to find how. Ask war of the roses and dirty words and bone scans and all that online at C one a Ford stock. Com that's where they're all there waiting for you to listen. Oddly you are welcoming this agenda is he might just like Jen K still more we can be put into the test for you today. My pleasure and cameras. Okay and this person leaves you with tender. Yeah after I. Arms like a few weeks ago with one of my strategy a little. She'd actually ensure that placate you know you let one. Tell parents to take his profile auction tender. And she likes sent me a picture. Is profile at every. OK and you actually confront him about this right. Yeah I was they can Heatley and you know you know that you your your kids profiles still have finally just lapsed Catholic analysts they have been and if your parents were. Now it's always sad about. So uneasy mistake he forgot it was still up there. He passed. Yeah accept it that was like over two weeks ago and my friend just actually airs Saturday. At eight. It's still there. Okay so is he meant to get around to it that maybe he just keeps forgetting. Hack yeah I think it's I can't like. And I asked him about it the first times he said he would take it Garrett at our place you know things like I'm not trying to be. We're here but you know anything I got it just you know it means or it means for you to take it down keep it right. There are no problem no problem beta and I feel like he understood that it needed to come down like he had a. So I will not why has indeed she is the question. Exactly yeah he he still active on. I don't know oh I don't I don't know I don't understand why he's gonna look like they now. Oh but the crowd don't you band. It's probably enough reason to run a quick check on him right give him some flowers see who he picks. Yeah that's okay so we're gonna do is we're gonna offer Cameron a dozen roses begins and anyone he wants and you're gonna get here who he picks and what he puts on the card okay. Okay perfect okay time for the two questions we ask everywhere there was purges that question one are you sure you want all of this on the year. I and question two how certain argue that we Cameron gets these flowers he can choose you descend into and not somebody else. I would say. I'm probably. Like really similar but it totally Ishtar. OK. Well let's find out. That opt out. And kind to speak to that came into the east yeah. Good morning camera and my name's Ashley and calling from a premium plus delivery Savvis cloud flowed designs dot com Harry. I'm good actually let's ask. Ashley and kind from flood designs that come. Yeah. OK so let them every reason I'm calling is to see if you've ever heard of our company before it what we did our. Have you heard of our designs that come. Well. And a companion Sam Allen and flowers that I send it was somebody. Just says. Actually camera and that's exactly what they say this is. This is busy morning zoo on T wanna for him right now here on war of the roses. Okay attitude that's exactly what I was going. Well you thought right I'm OK and so okay so I'm assuming you also know why we're calling men. Could somebody who started trip won't well yeah yes and and and who was that somebody. Well is which loosely wearing their home she is. Hey red. Citing church. Okay hold on the odd Dole's even carry easy to tell us who do you think set this up for today. Well I would create obvious. OK then who was it. Knowledge you need not good at it like that. Do you like what you said you knew it was you said it was obvious. All I'm asking is who do you think he had us call you today. So yeah. Ever took act you know. It docket Madeleine flowers. Take anyway appreciate it. OK we get. That all about music. I don't get why aegis answer the question and I'll tell you lacking because he wasn't sure who lives. Yet he said it was obvious fact act because he is trying to avoid answering the question didn't. I think he's got somebody asked anyway that trade in ticket he might think they're on prison I mean that's just my opinion period. I realized when asked him who's got you up. He would immediately set my girlfriend Jen RJ and whatever but he did it he said I mean I think it's VH who it is. I mean if it's obvious and just say it I'll tell you what. Let's get some help. Remember every delisting us and if you think. Ashley. May be on the something please Texas is up by seminal four or you can call 4731045. Or do you think actually is being paranoid because. Please tell us seven by 71 of where you can tax we call 4731045.