WOTR: Justin and Laura

Friday, June 22nd

Justin has noticed his girlfriend Laura doesn't exactly seem "thrilled" to be hanging out with him anymore. In fact, he sees less and less of her each week! Is her new job to blame, or is it something else???

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I lose is a red violets are blue on Wednesday morning to you man. Editor choosing you love it Warren who loses his. And it starts now and we welcome Justin to the show hello just to move so who are we putting good test for you today. Logo are loyal okay and why are we putting more into the text. And she's just. Plummeted archaeologically. Clearly. So when certain dating to Korda my apartment like pretty much every region. And lead and like we can pretty much together. But anyway from every weekend just one night week on the power play whenever she has time and I don't know you describe it doesn't seem. Insisted anymore. Ask you this week she did come over did you offer something more than just watching you play fort night for four hours and maybe she just got bored always coming over your place. And are you actually liked it. Because when she visits her mom so she's she's always over there and it's kind of like a great for her. Now part of this also might be because she just got a new job correct. Yeah shouldn't get away which seemed. So like a lot of pitches working and I mean I don't mind at all it's just wanna make sure the reason I don't series regular job and not someone else. Somebody else sure okay well we definitely do that now what we'll do is we'll color we're gonna run the female version of for the roses on her now in this version. She's gonna pretend to be from Victoria's Secret she's gonna tell Laura that you want a free anti Graham to send anyone she wants you're gonna get here who she picks. And what she puts on a card okay. All right time to do questions we ask everywhere the rose barges in question one are you sure you want all of this on the year. And question two how certain are you that we offer these free any green in this he's gonna take you descended TO. Well. Edit out. Let's find out. Yeah yeah. Opt. Opt. Well there. Good morning I'm kind of speech they'll last the east. I'm. Glad my name's Ashley in and calling from their permissions department and Victoria secret IE today. Oh. I was just. Ingle I let me Bernard Antonin. Well that's exactly why I'm calling you actually got a free day for shopping like that said. He shared bedroom. It's a lot to thank Bob you know. Currently get bags air. Well actually get its new product that we had anything story is that it's cognitive asking any grand said he had a second for me tiny little town but. He says the way it works is still a real apparently schools in any ounce to a special powering your life so I like and super sexy. Telegram in at any time he didn't have a never attached as well. And you can't put whenever you want an end and instead of singing telegram it's a pain me and it's kind of like a finally freed reminding specials somewhere and it. That there on your mind Nina. Okay. Have. And we see in auntie whoever you wines and then they can do whatever they want with them. I mean some guy is steep and sixty reminder helix several given back to year and say you know I only see you win these kind of paying blew a hole I promise. Our actually it's free like I said it's our gift to you for shopping went past save you any given attract. Oh yeah I didn't sleep right. Exactly semi tactic and are very few things here first of all what color peonies he went to send BM black red or teen. Okay can you do is going to be going to let me and he wants to send him. Hand me. A. Banks. And what message would you like to put on the news that comes that and. Well actually they cannot have a early coming up tired and no idea own. I just feel like a little bit help some people like stuff like. I think spent last rural eat or see this week and armed can't wait till Friday and stuff like that. A total. It's okay. And eat your creative. I 88 the day he accidentally. Aren't. Some outstanding. Sounds pretty high as the curtain and and yet it doesn't really and hot except. It. No but I do it and they're pleased. But don't you hate going to pay more yeah. So. Listen this is it actually Victoria secret this is actually a busy morning Zito and right now you're on war of the roses. Your boyfriend Justin passes completed a test with the whole Pena Gramm thing to see who you would send it to him. Balloon got but I get hit you know and Boyd and losers of. But. Yeah she did. Art is here. On what you do you have pop you in some guy got a friend you can extend it a little yeah. And was with the hole you definitely. Being. That's OK if you're. Glad it happened early. On into the game and I call on my lap I. I'd. Like Eric. Like she eat barely made me laugh I in eight. So that detainees are supposed to be you laughing year south. And they don't and they don't have any other significance. All right Chad. Would be elect now. OK see you can say right now that you in this Vince guy haven't messed around. I got to hang out of add an ear that there are coping event. They include the crowd and Lola would not. Yeah and your little brain calls and haven't got slightly anxious and comedy act and you go up all right. OK so this is she's gone she gown and Justin do you believe that the whole it was a joke I let me ask you believe that story. I have here I don't know this and don't understand I think it's okay disarmed. Send it to anybody can have a favorite until it is really. I. Yeah I mean everybody listening right now kind of agrees with that like you you guys said is somebody should be your boyfriend. It's.