WOTR Leslie the rebound girl

Friday, May 12th

Leslie is starting to wonder if her new guy looks at her as "girlfriend material"?  Or is she just a rebound girl for him?


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Five. Losers a red violets are blue on Wednesday morning zoo owners who. She knows you love war of the roses. And it's nice that. The roses and we're welcoming them light sleep Tuesday Wednesday Leslie hanging so I hear you're a rebound girl. I'm Barbara you know I don't know I guess that's kind of what I wanna find out okay so let's start from the beginning you're DD me. Craig and it's going great. And I think it is the right. Let me is Nathan has an ax he or OK and what is her name. So tell everybody what's been going on. Well let me sniper started eating you know it is no big deal you know we should and it being out in a sometimes picking up it's really really casual. You know after awhile it just kind of really felt great you don't mean. And hops now what is the and I expect. The problem and I am you know before we started eating into extra and a but the act and all of my friends they were like Colleen I don't wanna be rebound value me. You know. You know did you feel like a rebound girl. No no no that's just really felt like you know like we were good pre each other like it was hanging and that. You know but it would will hold their one night with his friend that you know they ran into me while I was out and one of its. The chapel with you know he's still really hurting over Mickey but I would like hopefully it like a good thing that he like moving on and eat that like yeah I don't know how much he's doing Matt. So you're at a point where your friends are telling you don't become a rebound girl and even now his friends are telling you that's. Yeah even know if he still keeps intact but is making girl like you and her tea tax and earn his Eleanor any thing. We're not really I mean were also not around each other all the time. Sure yeah sure so what we need here is attacks something it can help determine ate this or that scenario like who he would pick. And that's where war of the roses comes in okay. So here's organ and you were gonna call it needs and we're gonna offer and some free roses tennis and anybody wants an embryo to see we put picks and what he puts on the card okay. Okay all right and especially after I left this week ET I'm. I've got to remind you to wait until he fills out that card okay. All right time for the do you question is yes everywhere there is is participant question one are you sure you want all of this on the year. Question two how certain are you Ellie gets these free flowers she's gonna take you begin until and not somebody else. Well actually it in the but at that shot. Sure of course I let's find out. And. My true calling for Amy and know her the east. Writing my name's Ashley and I'm calling from Iranians loud delivery service kind of slugger thanks dot com Harry eating today. Good Arian. I'm Inkster asking. And every name calling is first of all to ask if you've ever heard of banks apple are designed dot com before. Mounting sounds. Well I am. Yeah I mean mainly against an end and I can't remember I guess. Let's paint and actually where every Neil online Clara shocking. And we're trying to spread the word out about our business so what we're doing is offering visa and MasterCard users. One time completely retrial of our service. There isn't calling insulating and that we can send a dozen roses to anybody one. And it's totally free and if you like your service maybe next time you need Claris he'll get past and try and that's only sending he'd won again. And so what's at. Cincinnati area meaning decay and red raises for free. I have a bit of its history. Yet it's speaker sounds great did that first thing happens for me today is in need of a percent. You and assist in these beautiful red roses tale. Mom or grand. Please send them she do that. Hole. Nickel it and that actress from me in 12 of four ID act and flat is actually they come with this card so you can put whatever message you want on the cards and we wanna put on the. Moved from room. And make choices that get firmer. And. It's basically what every you want is to play as long ago. That's less than a 180 characters. Just good down. I know earlier but they've actually I wish. I could be celebrating it wish you love may. Great and then communicate patches for me contest to second but even if I put you on hold real quick. I don't run it into you when tech. OK so this is kinda tricky here less because he definitely chose his acts by. Some think he's just sending her birthday guess it's not like I miss you and cry myself to sleep every night at least take me back tight as the meanie just said. Sorry I won't be celebrating your birthday with you sought I don't know. Yeah but. He out of that I mean he bind at botany like. Any keep on my partner. And I think when you love somebody you always love that person you with a relationship and it's on us now that LeBron I do not plan any. They say is yeah I've geared geared differ youth youth to our heartless people make my. And I don't know I don't know how I get it would have been a lot easier eat eat eat. Yeah and yeah and chip this in what has gotten to does that usually. You know busy morning zoo audience hears these things and picks up on things that we don't. They're actually pretty Smart when he comes to that so you think your listening right now. And you have advice you feel like calling us. Call 4731045. You can also text 757104. Based on what you just hard is this a situation where Leslie shaped like hit these ski patch and jumped out. Or do you think she should stay Ian. Let us know you. What is news it's.