WOTR: Melanie, Aiden, and the Bathtub Pics

Friday, September 7th

If Melanie's boyfriend Aiden is truly over his ex, then why is she sending him pics of her in the bathtub? What's REALLY going on here...?

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I lose is a red violets are blue I'm when Zune won't lose your man. She was you love more than roses. Diamond and it's Dicey now. Can share this morning format. Meaning everybody so we went into the text today my boyfriend ate at okay now tell everyone why we're putting eight into the test today. Still eating you see that was the early enthusiasm makes it feels a little portable what are my friend. You just picture is grayer who need it is what they heard as gas. Battle would've backed into a photo attached. And then it that cash apps. No I. What should Israel who so pockets you can see this picture correct. And OK I had seen it she tad gently bringing. Sir I. Did little. She took it down so okay so delete it remains to Graham but that doesn't mean you didn't have. Happen. OK so what we're gonna do is we're gonna put eat into the test natured you know nothing's going on with this accident okay yeah. Sure no problem so. This here's a source you know what we're gonna you were offer him a dozen roses that he can send any that he wants your game he can do here who we picks and what he puts on the card okay. And I ain't gonna remind you here I'm Melanie no matter who he picks week Tilley fills out the card before you sane thing okay. All right time for the two questions yes everywhere the roses purges that question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. All right and question two how certain are you that we offer them free roses to send somebody that he's gonna take you to send them to you know. Pretty sure that even eight is nothing. You. We heard that before. Up. And. Hello. Good morning and kind frank eat in or please. Good in my name's Ashley and calling Fred mania floral delivery service Skype Clark designs dot com carried it and our final area. I'm good thanks for asking. For that reason I'm calling angels beat Kendrick and acting and brief survey asking people how often you into order flowers. How often do I order hours. I got an area. I think. Still can't fly designed sat calmly developed only he can order flattery simply by the attention Levine on your fan. Which means you'll never have to hit a flower shop they'll never had to be inexpensive online delivery ease and the best part is because we're trying to spread awareness about our Saturday's. It like to give you a one time pretrial hello class she absolutely nothing. I and I appreciate it but I'm I'm all day Sharon. Yeah green I you don't have to sign up for any eating and not needing to take your credit card information. Well. Catch you trying out for free and if you like less than maybe the next time you need order of Claris. You're trying out Paris I mean that's no strings attached not like whatsoever. I. Yes completely free you can pick up like you know less free sample that you know being out in front of her arrest on TD you tried your feet. That we're doing it with class race. Typically an ankle though was slightly need remain. Basic tiny tin at least two you'd like to send a dozen brown mean to grant Rosenstiel. I really need at first and last name. The name any gap in. Looking and then flatten my second coming that card as well so what message would you like to put on the card. So great time. I know you really line. But how about we are would be instead. I don't really and that created it edge. And. And they beat pretty okay. Yeah and started that. Behavior. Out hey listen this this isn't really apply our committee this is actually busy morning zoo radio show on T 104 and a right now you're on war of the roses. That was your girlfriend Melanie you just heard on the other line. McCain I was like flee that sounds just play my girlfriend. What good and bad. And date. We lighter action. Ill. Tell you know what it. Oh you'll and heard that again. Heard. Ala cart and what it right now. I know. Earth all the only reason I fitness and her it would be nice. And he really wanted to be together and have been the party with somebody and that. I had that that it was like I know what you really want. It looked is not as happy and you know I am happy. And keep something. How do you think I am. I would only debt or a better. Did that all what. Low. Little but the and I know about little stat sheet and you know I guess. How. Are. You are. Right. One BC news' Laura and it's.