WOTR Missy and Patrick the guy who does everything right

Friday, October 13th

Missy thinks she's found the perfect guy! Patrick does EVERYTHING right! But is that actually a warning sign of something bad...?


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Five. Losers a red violets are blue on Wednesday mornings in all of you. Better choosy you love. Here's what I am on any starts now you're well. Seats are busy learning his morning they see hey Larry asked for a good so poor you be putting to the test for you today. Well I don't look and dating name Patrik. Okay and why are we putting Patrick to the tax. Thousands and you're at it and it's in this may sound weird because she's not render anything. That actually only been out I. But the thing Kansas right. He does everything's right. Keep up all right thinking does tolerate anything you've had them you know that it'd be true that your grandma always bet it looked identity for. So so he's got your boyfriend that you made it clear. Have that you have you been into niche yet. I don't know not yet but I'm telling me you know. Can get it that they wanted it because the. Call that OK. That is lawyers I've never heard a girl say he can get it if you wanted yeah. Kind of grousing that. Yeah okay yep you're a girl like I'm sure girls say that because of two other girls are. Let me ask you something of this Hank he's still pressure and wire evening in new tests. And I know and he had a reputation of being a player. And I can see why of all the news live and I guess I just. I don't wanna does hit hard down the road it's it's bad you know like three other girls I'm hearing it got all these girls that are on the bad. OK so still. You're basically the point where your sort of falling for him beatle wanna go down that road if it turns out he's got what he said three other girls. Yeah exactly I mean we're not in relation to so it. Get at the hope that you know we can do that and he would mean each and then I would build a much better about all of them. OK so what you're look really look you force a little reassurance. Yeah. He doesn't pay Q then watch. I don't know I guess some of the prospect for it I guess. OK but what we're hoping that we don't have to. OK so what we're gonna do is we're gonna offer Patrick. A dozen roses that he can send anywhere he wants to you're gonna get here who he picks and what he puts on the card okay. All right time for the two questions we ask everywhere there was his purges in question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. It. Okay. Question to you how certain video that would Patrick gets these flowers that he's gonna choose you do send him to and not somebody else like. What percentage. Would you say that he picks deal. While Howell Adam. I don't know. I guess take any and well let's find out. Yeah. Yeah. Hello. My and kinda speechless Patrick and east. Pat chick Lang in actually and kind for a rainy Florida every cent this cut Florida's ninth dot com Harry today. I'm good how are you know. I'm fun and thanks for asking senate anyway he's the reason I'm calling is to ask if you've ever heard of our company before what we deal. Have you heard of Florida signs dot com. I know I don't think so. Well where a new our company that allows you to basically order flowers that depression and a black and says no mart going into a flower shop placing your order paying extra at pristine day delivery. And this week we're actually running a permission to spread the word out about ourselves. Where visa and MasterCard users TT tech segments are one time only are apps lately for it. Haley is there anybody like to send them free flattery steel. I'd hang on back to you like Rodney Stuckey yet. Yes yes several writing off prefer visa or MasterCard users that it's totally free. You pick somebody you care about and we send them flowers at no charge. And then hopefully you like her service download an app and then the next time you need flowers you what it in from pacs. You. Know note you're not required tale we're hoping that you'll be still happy with as that he will. Okay. So what would let him. All we need is a name or someone you like to send a really nice this camera man take read raising stamp. OK. Listen to Melissa. Most of. Okay and what would you like to put on the card that comes with the. Can you could down. You're the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on it when I hit it. Rule. OK great I can not 12 that I'll get an actress Fran ECB can send these out and hang on okay. OK so he he is. And hold on some easy looks like he picks someone so mean Melissa do we know who that it's. All. OK so all the miss U short for Melissa I I mean I got it together so he Charles right. Yeah gradually. No no. And I'll tell so I don't know what I did I wanna keep this in between you and me and oak okay batter 119. Like. Radio listening but I would be on there he is doing okay so we're keeping this secret then. Oh yes please say OK but he did picked use those who do you feel better. Are you peanut putter are you OK well just make sure you could gradually himself column on your next days. Down at. All think he's he is he getting did. I'll he's definitely. I'm good at all. Morning's news warrant kudos.