WOTR: Natalie and Daniel the Sudden Yoga Fan

Friday, July 20th

Natalie has been dating Daniel for a while now, and was shocked to hear he suddenly joined a yoga class. But is he in the class because he actually likes yoga? Or is it because he likes someone IN the yoga class...?

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Five. Loses and red violets are blue on Wednesday mornings and a few million. Better chews you up. And it starts now we welcome narrowly to losing money you have oh hello there it's only. That's Treo and my boyfriend Daniel OK now explain why we're putting is just using your email you when it actually that opinion on a certain date. Yes cells actually how many if it sounds strange you so I've been beating that guy paper you know almost a year. And I pretty much Knoll everything about him you know or or at least I I did so a couple weeks ago we get home from work on a Friday. And a leg you know like what you wanna do today and I. I actually am going chi yoga like. Like you have to understand the guy like. Never in a billion. Here. Whatever. They would never think he'd seen yields fell. I'm thinking like you're going to climb. And legal and I don't do you galactic and drew on limiting limiting public. And that did he might you do try and win a pair. I even. I'd be implicated like I'll come and you were they not be given the only one person in my new. So he felt like he just one day out of the blue he was like a dirty hands. And you say that really they know that type normally. No not at all I would totally shocked. When he told me. Ali what do you think is going on do you think he's saying yoga but then maybe actually going out by himself. And kind of let the peace for yoga does it look like he's dressed real delicate he's just leaving and dress slacks and a collared shirt right. Felt like you are you going to legitimate something. Well maybe he is going be that bad. Or maybe he's going to in its semi hi Ian on. I. OK so I what are we see where it's heads act with the little war of the roses here so. What we're gonna do as well from a dozen roses that he can send anywhere he wants you'll get here who he picks and what he puts on the card okay. All right time for the two questions we ask every war there is artistic question why are you sure you want all of this on the year. My question to how certain are you that will be offered me scream roses descends from the he's gonna choose you. I don't know I mean I wanna I am pretty sure. I don't end up looking stupid either bullets fly. Through. I. Well. Good lighting and trying to reach a Daniel and greens. Are you this is Daniel. And also a complete and it. It. We are. Doing things. I know my kids actually and calling Fram a grainy and slow delivery service cloud flow designs dot com Harry. Good Hillary and thanks for asking says at least I'm calling to ask you how often easy to order chalet. I don't know I know Toyota while and you know. That's that's totally OK I get a flat shots are Ollie out of every gain any it's too expensive on my and I totally get it right. Or keep me out at Florida bank had come we've developed a way you can order flowers I think types on the bus and on your fan and you'll never have to pay aches and sent to every. And that's tied. Is because you're trying to spread the word about our segments we'd like to give me one time free trial will cost you absolutely nothing. And yet not hey listen it's great I do it. Thanks so. I you share it it's actually free. Like it's not gonna question anything. OK little. So are you have to dealings use our service to send somebody you care about a dozen gorgeous Andrews is and we'll take care of the Dell. Says somebody gets raises from a year or you get that credit and we take up the tab. What to judge where were where were you. What look at what's. There's never catch it all and fact and not even going to take any credit card in there from you or anything like that. We just went to try to outlines and if you like look and maybe next time you need to send flowers to someone you're used Ashe instead. Where does that sound then. I thought is that the best really it. Especially if I don't think I think. Correct EE OK for any thing mean literally Jess want you to try south refrain. Okay with a block assure I don't. Sell well we're gonna do your days are gonna send a dazzling gorgeous red residents to anybody went like I said will pay fly. Now he want to raising seventeen. Oh. But only utility and it tests. Okay doesn't. Hillary. Hillary okay and he flat race a couple of the car and to treat anything you want on it so what would you like the card to say. Let's see it's a two. For me dictated letting her. Out one of the great pleasures. Of my life. Is it getting to know what a beautiful person and you are. Inside. And out to. On its militants. I don't think I. Agree that that they all and edit my birthday card. Here they said. Or blow. Hello there hey Daniel. This admit that this is given a scholarship this is actually busy morning you radio show and he went 04 and right now you're on war of the roses. That was actually Natalie that you just hurt. Yes doesn't think satellites are getting me a lot any other person. What what it but what are the person. I think she wants to know who the person you send the flowers two days. What where when I'm OK it was wonderful confuse the I think is this for is not a flower shop called and now he's. It's not apply and I just what it is not a flower shop Natalie one it's a tricky you deceive viewers in seeing somebody else. It sounds like there is somebody else. Who. Look rule we know warming up really it has no. Huge and urged it seemed I. Put cart. Yeah. I. This. He did not have any tolerate well listen I guess. We don't have the right answer media is just better it is like take it passed he punted once and that was so whenever you have no idea that other girl once. No idea about it here in key element of I outs. Morning's news warrants to. It's.