WOTR Stephanie the not so good friend

Friday, May 12th

They always tell you "don't get involved in other peoples' relationships..." Stephanie is about to learn that lesson the HARD way...


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Lowe's is a red violets are blue on Wednesday morning to you yeah. Choosy you. War of the roses as. And it starts now to remember I told you I wasn't sure about this Sikhs Wear the roses commending you might have a prominent. Really doing okay we look does something need does 178. Pairing so this isn't live. Honestly I think a lot of people are gonna have something to say about this but. Tell everybody you're putting to test today. My best friend. Who OK so your best friend is. Scary. And her boyfriend is gay okay and originally when you email I told you if you can get. Heard the call us we would do would be usage she was too uncomfortable being on the radio. Very public is. Okay so why are we doing this that. Because I told her that he had me they see in loans even on by the and what libraries as she refuses to believe you me. OK so you think by putting deed to the test today he'll finally get the proof you were looking for. And hopefully she'll finally wake up and leave this guy. Okay and I have to ask because right now there's somebody out there thinking this you're not doing this because you secretly have a thing for her boyfriend and you want them to. Bumper all. And you don't understand. Creepy and I won't. Terrible play in bad health all of wind I heard is this true okay you. OK on all this. Fishy don't trade anybody yeah. OK so what we're going to be as Rick Collins gave her an offer some free roses to send to anybody wants and you're gonna get here who he takes and what he puts on the card okay. And now is Carrie good to be listening to this you don't. I told they're just so hopefully cap. OK but let me go to did you questions we ask everywhere the roses participant question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. I think you did any questions you how certain are you that we get cease flowers and he's gonna pick. Your best friend slash his girlfriend to send him to jail. What actually I don't think he's going to plan to lean men. OK well let's find out that. Yeah. Up. Good lie and tying play David and please. It might take my name's actually and kind from a brain Neil flower delivery service cloud flown designs dot com Harry. I imagine you did have valued. Thank you for asking. And everything I'm calling expression non tasking if you've ever heard events at Laura designs dot com before and. I haven't I don't think nobody we do. Well actually they add green and you online Clara shot and then next time you need to sentiments Larry's and San driving into the flower shop and paint breaks instant delivery cost. It changes or any of them online from ice and then shipping is free. Oh and that and actually calling because nasty day we are trying to spread the word about our business so are offering visa and MasterCard users a one time completely free trial of our service. If you want we can send a dozen residents to. It's totally free and if you actually like I say it's maybe next time you need flowers you'll get I think trying. And that's our lakes and even an ideal. All three of our. Guest this time it's going to be absolutely free. Editor rapid. Great son pressing need for me today is then all of a person that you want to send these beautiful red resist him. Okay and let's good senator Jay Payton. I know we are so lucky to. Your girlfriend is probably lessening of that right now. Hello. I love dumb. Think including right finally. So. Kate gave you can help help this is it really a flower show this is actually. Busy morning zoo radio show on C one of war and right now you're I think we do call war of the roses. You're girlfriend's best friends Stephanie why does have police in the test to see if you would pick Carrey to get these flowers. You can look to ban everything I knew all about your biggest I ever met my life. And really I just I cannot believe how much you enjoy it's ruining her life. Ruining her life and speeding on iron no. Don't you think achieving our goal I don't know how about the facts and flowers to a different well. Which are issued its site so I can't always write I was thinking just kind of play. Okay sell out all that's next though aren't so that. So that Amy person you sent flowers to ease your cousin. Yet Lonnie oh yeah it'll send a blow this to your own pregnant or having a day. Well I have tried to work harder at the end of it that simple hours were pretty American revolution pretty. Yet to yet technically. It's true we've week we told him it was roses. I still don't believe you gate I think you're a liar and I reached either well I figured you know. Yeah I think. Ortiz who's more of the road.