WOTR Tori Jason and Melissa the ex

Thursday, June 22nd

A twist ending you won't see coming, and an argument the ZMZ audience is STILL having over it!!


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Five. Losers a red violets are blue on Wednesday morning and you. Editors choose seal up. And they start to see that. All right so I'm you can buy and we'll have you been Texan not like you know for the results go to Z one afford I come all the information he is something bear a busy morning zoo manner okay. Always like this morning you are frank Torre who are helping this regulatory. Good so we're going to be putting your boyfriend jeans into the destination. And once again like so many war of the roses situations and Hanks is involved. Yeah so explain why we're putting Jason to the test today. Okay senate's isn't as an XX. Ray and they have at. Quite. A states currently dating and it broke and they and I gather and aggregate rapidly. At. I think (%expletive) together you said right now though it could got her. And they taught English but it turned out like totals she. And yes they broke up. And hurt it exactly. And Eric a black eyed Abrams. I after our act. You guys you would be at Hartford guide but it. I was promptly issued intact inherit ranch and I thought I right. But he doesn't know that you know any of this. Okay well let's let Jason do the test here what we're gonna do Israel off from a dozen roses that you sent anywhere he wants for free and you're gonna get here who he picks. What he puts on the card and of course. What can we judge among people wait till he fills out the card okay. Time for the two questions we ask every war of the roses purchasing question one are you sure you want all of this on the year. Yeah. Question Q how certain are you that would get cease flowers he's gonna choose you do since you and not somebody else. Well I purchase it like an error. So you should keep. You better that he was right let's find out. And yeah. Good morning I'm kind of speech like chasing key piece. I think Jason my name's Ashley and calling from a brain near floral delivery service on Florida's and sack I'm Harry today. Do very angry. And the reason I'm calling you is because a brain your company are trying to get the word out about ourselves. Any chance have you ever heard MS before or while designs that come. All I don't think it'll. Let's okay in fact the reason I'm calling is because we're trying to spread the right word about our business and what's the best way to do that. Giveaway free stab Frey. Yeah. Exactly. Here's what we're doing we're offering new customary steam one time trial of our service for actually treat. And well dealings and a gorgeous it pay of one dozen red roses to anyone you line and it costs you nothing. So you get all the credit for sending him raising his and we get the Dell you wanna try out. I got about something else to go out there as well like completely very. Complete free holiday we just want to show you how good we aren't in the next and you need flowers. Baby instead of hitting a local flower shop you try aspects. Okay yeah good deal sure trying to. Perfect so we're gonna be singing a gorgeous the KM one doesn't read residents to anyone in line and like I said let's take care of the cost in the shaping. Now who are we going to see in the east flowery steel. But Aristide is in a name. Yes. I want so it Emily. Your girlfriend. Actually it coworker mind. You really lose he could use our orders right now. Well that's pretty sweet of the ilk. Now loudly and flowers they actually come with a card as well so what message do you wanna put on the card. Aren't. Oh dear I am only. Problem. Needs now is that these came from someone. That it secretly in love with. He says. How. Do you. He's gotten me. Keogh. Click here girl. Or. Hey Jason and cutting near a quick. Com this isn't a flower company this is actually busy mornings you radio show on Z 104 and right now you're I think we do Cold War of the roses. Am I wish people. And rendered their girlfriends not their horns. I only get them to her because she's going certain really hard time right now is that all. Carry it out. Well what you gotta let us. Well. Actually when you sign the card you said from someone who secretly in love with you. I admit I didn't mean me I was. I just want her to think somebody out there she would let me at all I wanted to make her feel good because you aren't third divorce. Oh okay. See you all wanted her to think that some random person was in love it there and sending her flowers says she would feel better about herself. Yes I actually going there erupt divorce right now what if any of your business. Out here. You only think I'm lying so what the difference now. Sorry guys hang on 12 let me put you two and a private line real quick you guys can talking clear this up can you hang on a second. Yeah yeah. I read ask do you believe him or now I don't believe and I don't leave I T secretly in love I would you do that I. I kind of believe him I kind of feel like. I know the way he did it was really bad and also vitally. I think he thinks he's helping but he's really not spill the last thing any job force one and I'm sure going through divorce went to hear about someone else he's in love with her. Let's talk the last thing on your brain okay. You think she really likes her think he likes. That's shore. I. I would be very curious if you're listening this morning what what you think based on what we just heard what do you think he really. Met him like himself and he secretly not there or do you feel like he said no no and I didn't mean me I just met somebody random out there. I'm very curious on this I'm like on the middle. So tax does what you think to seven by similar for you can also call you wanna call call us at 4731045. Morning's news or it's.