Phone Scams

Listeners write in or call in the Z Morning Zoo and ask them to prank call someone they know. The prank calls can be anywhere from kids trying to prank their parents to employees trying to prank call their bosses.

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Phone Scam: the Dirty Grandma

Friday, April 6th
This poor satellite TV service man got more than he bargained for when he received a complaint from the DIRTIEST GRANDMA in the 757...

Phone Scam Senseless Survey

Friday, March 30th
How many POINTLESS questions will one person actually stay on the phone to answer, before they get so frustrated they just HANG UP? We have our answer.

Phone Scam: The Lost Contact

Friday, March 16th
Don't ya HATE it when you lose all the contacts in your phone, and you DIDN'T BACK THEM UP?? Then you have to ask everybody on FB to "please send me your...

Phone Scam: the TSA agent

Friday, March 9th
Talk about CREEPY! How would YOU react if the TSA agent that gave you a "pat down" actually CALLED you and asked you out afterwards? EWWWW....