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June 15, 2017

So I am into week two of training with Jim Ruark at One Life Fitness Newport News… and I am loving it. Each day after I train, I feel myself getting stronger. I also feel my confidence building.. I come home WANTING to do more... looking forward to the next session!

If I didn’t have a trainer I don’t think I would be doing so well with this entire lifestyle change… some people need that extra push and guidance, I am definitely one of those people and its nothing to be ashamed about, that’s WHY One Life has trainers there.

Here are two exercises he introduced me to yesterday:

Jim provides me with support, motivates me and educates me daily on how to exercise effectively and how to REALLY push my body to reach my goal. Not even just with the gym- at home too by giving me nutritional advice, telling me what I food I need MORE OF to fuel my body to reach my goal!

For Kyle and I, the food is the easy part, Kyle and I were already eating pretty clean. We just cut out all sugary drinks (No more daily 7-11 stops) and I dont even drink beer during the week anymore! I prep our food, and its been great! I'll do a post focusing on what food works for me, what I eat, etc. later on... my main point here is investing in your health and a better you is time and money that is never wasted. Invest in your life! Don’t be nervous..

I’m even going to give you this pass for you to try it out just for yourself!!! I only had ONE of these to share, but instead I took a photo of it to share it with more people! haha Just print this off, and you get 5 days of unlimited access to One Life Newport News location! You have to go in and ask for CORY!

They have EVERYTHING. Spa like locker rooms, smoothie bar, a cinema room, a kids club (so you can bring your kids while you work out!) a pool, tons of classes, saunas, volleyball courts, basketball courts, women’s only work out room…. So many things) you can try out ZONE 4, you can meet with a trainer, experience it all!!!

All you have to do is PRINT THIS and go to ONE LIFE NEWPORT NEWS and ask for CORY or JIM RUARK (FITNESS DIRECTOR)!

You’ll be in the right hands! And after you go, let me know! I'd love to hear all about your expeirence.