March 2, 2018

The Oscar Goodie Bags Will Include Pepper Spray And a Kit to Detect Roofies

The unofficial Oscar goodie bags for all the nominees will feature the usual plane tickets, holidays, and high-end cosmetics. But thanks to the #MeToo movement, not everything in the bags is a luxury item. This year, they're also giving out PEPPER SPRAY . . . and a kit that can detect if a drink has been ROOFIED. More info HERE


John Krasinski Once Saved a Woman's Life in a Riptide

Just when you thought your wife was over her crush on Jim from "The Office", this could bring all those feelings flooding back. In addition to being that sweet, sensitive, funny dreamboat, Jim is also a LIFESAVER. Or, his real-life counterpart is, anyway. Just before he went to college JOHN KRASINSKI taught English in Costa Rica. One day he was swimming in the ocean, and he saved a woman who got swept away by a riptide. In a new "Playboy" interview, he says, quote, "Literally in three seconds the girl had been swept 150 yards out. My mom was a lifeguard and taught us to swim very early . . . I just went out and tried to save her. "It was really weird . . . like the girl was asking me to let her die. But I got her back . . . Granted, not everybody needs to have life-or-death experiences, but that changed my entire life. All of a sudden I grew up."


Shaq Has a Treehouse That's Probably Nicer Than Your Actual Home

If you've ever watched "Treehouse Masters" on Animal Planet, then you know that people take these things seriously. Especially when they have money. Well, SHAQ's on tonight's episode, and he's got money . . . so you KNOW he did it up in style. In fact, his treehouse is nicer than the actual HOMES a lot of us live in. It's got a bar, lounge, dart board, poker table, and, of course, a portrait of Shaq on the wall. More info HERE


Dr. Pimple Popper is Getting Her Own Show on TLC . . . And You Can Be On It

Okay so we all know Dr. Pimple Popper, Dr. Sandra Lee, she’s all over Instagram. And she even was on a special on TLC in January and it was a huge hit. So she's getting her own series this summer . . . called "Dr. Pimple Popper", obviously. Yep, that's your "Learning Channel". And here's the best part: The show is casting now. So if you've got something worth popping, you might just qualify to have it popped on basic cable! You can apply now at TLC.com. More info HERE


The "Fixer Upper" People Have a New Spin-Off Coming  

CHIP and JOANNA GAINES from "Fixer Upper" have a new show coming to HGTV. It's basically a spin-off where they go behind the scenes of the main show. It'll be called "Fixer Upper: Behind the Design". Joanna says, quote, "I can't wait to show our fans how every piece of the design comes together before the final reveal. "I want to nail every detail so that, when we walk away, Chip and I know we've given a family the one-of-a-kind home of their dreams." The show premieres on April 10th. More info HERE



-"Forbes" has named JAY-Z the wealthiest artist in hip-hop for 2018 . . . with a fortune of $900 MILLION. DIDDY usually tops this list, but he dropped to #2 this year, with a measly $825 million. DR. DRE is third with $770 million . . . and DRAKE and EMINEM are tied for fourth with $100 million each. More info HERE


-Speaking of Jay, here we go again: There's a new rumor that he and BEYONCÉ are readying a joint album and tour. An Italian newspaper claims they're going to announce it next week. Jay has admitted that they were working on an album together a while back, but her "Lemonade" stuff was further along, so that album came out instead. But he said, quote, "We still have a lot of that music." More info HERE


-CAMILA CABELLO and CHARLI XCX will open for TAYLOR SWIFT on her Reputation Tour. More info HERE


The 2018 Warped Tour lineup includes All Time LowSimple PlanSum 41Taking Back Sunday, and the Used.  This is the last year that Warped will be an actual tour . . . but it could continue in some other form, like a festival.  More Details HERE