Chipotle Is Offering Free Stuff if You Activate 'Guac Mode'

According to a press release issued by Chipotle , you can unlock free guacamole among other extras by activating “Guac Mode” when you join Chipotle Rewards. This initiative is to “celebrate the one-year anniversary of Chipotle Rewards and its more than 8.5 million founding members.” There is a...
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Chipotle Announces New Whole30 Menu Items

Lettuce celebrate the news that Chipotle just announced! The beloved fast casual chain is trying something different in 2020, adding new Whole30-friendly items to its menu. On Thursday, the company announced a new Supergreens salad mix and Whole30-compliant chicken option that will be available...
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Chipotle makes sure employees are sick not hungover

Chipotle Makes Sure Employees are Sick and not Just Hungover

Employees of Chipotle have a new protocol. If they call and say they are sick, Chipotle has nurses on call! The nurses insure the sick employees are actually sick instead of hungover and if they are sick they can get a paid day off to become healthy. After Chipotle had their norovirus outbreak in...
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Chipotle Employees Can Now Pursue Degrees Debt-Free

Chipotle employees will be able to pursue debt-free college degrees at five universities as the restaurant chain expands its education benefits program. The program will cover full tuition costs for up to 75 types of business and technology degrees through a partnership with the Guild Foundation...
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