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Are emojis coming to license plates?

There's a bill in the Vermont House of Representatives right now that would let people use EMOJIS on their license plates. They would be the first U.S. state to allow them if the bill passes.
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The Most Used Emoji on Tinder Isn't the One You Think...

Tinder just released their "Year in Swipe" . . . where they studied the data from their users' profiles to find out what was popular in 2019. And they found the FACEPALM is the hottest emoji on their app . . . it showed up in 41% more Tinder bios this year than it did in 2018. They also found the...
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These Emojis Are the Biggest Turn Ons and Turn Offs on Dating Apps

In this day and age, dating involves having good texting game. Of course, you've gotta pick the right emojis. But which ones are the best and worst for finding a potential partner? Clover (a dating app) is helping to solve this mystery. So they looked at more than 90 million messages from 3 million...
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