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Judge Judy Has a Message for Fathers of Girls Everywhere

“Every successful woman I know had a father who adored her," the TV judge recently said.
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Yes, That Was Amy Schumer on 'Judge Judy'

Yes, if you thought you saw Amy Schumer casually hanging out in Judge Judy's courtroom on the popular daytime TV show this week... you're not wrong. Does anyone want to tell me why @amyschumer is casually in the courtroom on Judge Judy?! pic.twitter.com/MfL5jynRGR — Young Coconut (@Brookies2398)...
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WATCH: Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose in the Courtroom to Make a Ruling

Yes, Judge Judy has gone to the dogs. The popular daytime TV judge let a dog help her with a verdict in a recent case. The clip highlighting the sometimes ruthless judge's has "gone viral" online this week.
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