Lauren Graham

Kelly Clarkson Wants Lauren Graham to Star in a 'Gilmore Girls' Musical

Kelly Clarkson really wants Lorelai Gilmore to hit the stage. The “American Idol” champion thinks Lauren Graham should star in a “Gilmore Girls” musical. See the details.
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Lauren Graham to Star in ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Sequel for Disney+

Lauren Graham is getting her ducks in a row. “The Gilmore Girls” actress is set to headline the upcoming Disney+ series “The Mighty Ducks,” based on the popular ‘90s franchise, according to Variety . ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Sequel Series Ordered at Disney Plus, Lauren Graham to Star
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Lauren Graham Is Returning to TV... In Two Sitcoms

Lauren Graham is expected to make her return to television in two sitcoms this year, but neither of those roles will take Graham back to Stars Hallow (just yet).Graham is said to have a starring role on a new family sitcom, Linda From HR. Graham will play the lead character, Linda Plugh. The...
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