The Virginia Beach Justice Initiative

VBJI’s mission is to prevent human trafficking and help restore those who have been victimized by it by empowering the residents of Hampton Roads Region through prayer, education, awareness and prevention campaigns, and through providing victim services. VBJI, knowing that collaboration with others...
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SPIKES K9 FUND: Spike's K9 Fund is a federally registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving active and retired working canines all over the nation. The mission of the organization is to keep canines safe and efficient in their job by providing them with protective vests and...
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Ashley from the Z MORNING ZOO sat down with Amanda Leckie from VIPER INC, to talk about their mission and importance in Hampton Roads. Check out the interview below and more details! VIPER INC MISSION: We believe in protecting reptiles by educating proper husbandry and educating people (especially...
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