What's Wrong With Everyone?

Joe Fu thinks he looks like lady Gaga with this new filter. Yikes! No one knows why. No one knew when. Know on asked for this -- but somehow we've all arrived at the point where every member of the Z staff has gone crazy. Thanks to Joe Fu's obsession with the Snapchat filter that turns women into...
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Have You Seen This Chris Brown and Lil Dicky Video? It’s Hilarious Lil Dicky released new music yesterday, and video featuring chris brown and I promise you, this video will be the best 4 minutes of your life. Its called freaky Friday and it’s all about Lil Dicky waking up one day to find out he’s...
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SnapChat's New Feature Is Catching Cheating Spouses

Snapchats new feature is apparently causing some relationship trouble. Snapmaps is the new feature on the app. It essentially allows you to see all of your followers on a Map so you can track their location at all times. Of course, it makes stalking and privacy issues a concern. Especially for...
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