Experience One Life Newport News

So I am into week two of training with Jim Ruark at One Life Fitness Newport News… and I am loving it. Each day after I train, I feel myself getting stronger. I also feel my confidence building.. I come home WANTING to do more... looking forward to the next session! If I didn’t have a trainer I don...
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One Life Newport News Zone 4

Scrambling for a last minute father’s day gift!? Onelife Fitness Newport News Location has some amazing specials going on for ZONE 4 through Saturday!!! Don’t give him a t-shirt, or 6 pack of beer again… give him the gift of health! and I promise, your dad won't be intimidated by this program, its...
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DAY 1 of my Fitness Journey!

Kyle and I were tired of being tired, so we decided to make a change. Changing your lifestyle and working out/training can be intimidating especially if you’re like a lost puppy, like me when it comes to going to the gym. And to put this out there, BY NO MEANS DO I THINK IM OVERWEIGHT. But do I...
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